Hello, everybody! Greetings and Glad Tidings! And welcome to the first ever MARVEL INC. BLOG! Here, we will discuss and ponder everything that IS.. MARVEL! And every once and awhile we’ll take a look at other things that are going on in the world of Geek! From Movies, Comics, TV Shows, Podcasts, Cartoons, And Video Games! We’ll have “TRAILER REVIEWS” , “MOVIE REVIEWS”, “TOP (some number) LISTS” and many, many more things to come!

Now! As for our Twitter account! We will be hosting a series of weekly events. Here’s what we have planned and ready to go so far.. image

#MarvelAppMondays Every Monday! We will post a number of links to the Marvel Comics App Store so you, Yes.. YOU can purchase and  download either the latest Comics they have available. Or, Download Whatever they have that’s FREE! “Free?!? Ain’t nothing free in this world except maybe Air!” True as that may be! But, as most of you know. There are certain issues that Marvel releases for free every month! Now, there is a catch to this folks and I must stress this fact please! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN ONLINE  ACCOUNT WITH MARVEL! EITHER IT BE THEOUGH THIER APP OR THIER WEBSITE! THEN, AND ONLY THEN WILL YOU BE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD ANYTHING! I really don’t want to hear any complaints, “Hey! I can’t download the latest issue of ‘New Avengers’ or The Free issue of ‘Marvel Previews’ WTF?!?” Just make sure you have an account and download to your Hearts content!!


#WomenOfMarvelWednesdays Very simple.. Post pics of our favorite Marvel Ladies. Add some text as to why you love them so much, if you want. Just make sure you use the Hashtag when posting the pic! (We’re trying to start a trend here folks! 😉)


#MarvelCosplayThursdays uhm.. I think that might be self explanitory.. But! I’ll lay it out for you! Post your favorite marvel cosplay pics. They can be you, pictures you found on the Internet.. Or pics of your favorite Cosplayers. Like the beautiful Toni Dahrling here 👆as ‘Lady Thor’ (Toni’s one of my most faves! There’s also Ivy Doomkitty and ComicBook Girl 19 and so many more!) Also, be sure to use the Hashtag and if your going to post a Cosplayer, give them thier proper due as well!

Alot more things are in the works. I’ll make it up as I go along. And don’t worry DC lovers.. I’m sure I’ll have time to please you folks too!

So, until next time.. Peace out!

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