It’s finally here! This past tuesday saw The release of the very first, FANTASTIC 4! (Reboot) Trailer! In case you have not seen it.. Here ya go..

Alright! Let me make this clear.. Not bad for a first trailer. Not bad at all! Now for my honest critique.

I was very underwhelmed by this trailer. As good as it is, it just didn’t grab me. There are a lot of unnessesary shots that didn’t help structure what kind of story we may be getting from this film.


For those who are not comic fans, or don’t know anything about The FF, if they did not see the tittle of the film towards the end of it.. You probably would have thought it was INTERSTELLAR 2! It played out like a very generic Scifi Movie trailer. (Which is not a bad thing!) But in this case, they could have done it a little differently.


Since the very first announcement of a FF Reboot. There were already a lot of skeptics, and nay Sayers as to the, value of the film. As casting and filming commenced, more negative talk came out about the direction of the film. Short synapsis of the characters back stories and what the story was going to focus on, brought a lot of outrage from diehard fans. Though this is only their first trailer, they could have used this to prove the doubters wrong. The movie is a long ways off. There’s plenty of time for them to put out several more trailers. One thing I did like, although it was literally a few seconds each, was the quick shots of THE THING!

One, looking like the transformation scene..


And the other.. The closing shot of the trailer..


where our four heroes stand before some sort of challenge they must overcome.. The visual effects that are going in to The Thing, looks pretty darn cool! I’m kinda disappointed by them not showing him enough.. But, kind of ok with them keeping that under wraps for now. So, I can’t wait to see what comes next. As Leo Dicaprio’s Mr. Candy says…


So, Until Next Time Folks… Peace out!

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