HI-DEY, HO!!! Everybody! It’s me, THE SPECULATING NERD! New Home, New Blog Site, New Speculations, Same Old Bull Shit! For those of you who are new to me. Allow me to fill you in on what I do.. I MAKE SPECULATIONS ABOUT NERDY THINGS!!! Simple as that.. Now, shall I begin..

With Each passing day we draw closer and closer to the start of Marvel Comics Biggest, most Grandest event ever!…


“Secret Wars?!? Didn’t they do that back in the 70’s or 80’s!?!?” YES! And NO! Though it does share the same tittle as the beloved 80’s event.. The story is very much different. THE INCURSION! “What’s that?” Let me finish and I’ll tell you.. THE INCURSION! (According to my very half ass research) is something Marvel and Avengers Writer Jonathan Hickman created. The alternate universes throughout the multiverse of the Marvel Universe, for some reason started colliding with each other and destroying each others! “Why?!” For Fucks sake shit up and let me talk!!… …. Thank you…

Now, apparently. The New Avengers, Which was a team of Illuminati Members knew of this thing happening. So they set out to find a way to stop this from happening to their world. (Our Marvel U, Earth 616!) Im guessing that didn’t pan out too well.

So.. Since then, Marvel has been promoting this thing called “When Time Runs Out!…” I myself “Speculated” (See what I did there) That that had to mean the Marvel U as we know it, was coming to an end and that they were going to reboot the whole system! I held true that theory. Either that, or it was probably going to be some kind of ‘Event’ they had planned.. (I was half right!)

About a week ago or so.. Marvel Held a “Secret Wars” announcement conference on their YouTube channel! There, the head Honchos Tom Brevroot and Alex Alonso explained exactly what the fuck was going on with all this “Secret Wars” and “BattleWorld” business. Turns out.. The Final Incursion happens! The Marvel Universe..


EARTH 616, the original and most important Universe! Is going to collide with…


MARVELS ULTIMATE UNIVERSE! Earth.. (Whatever the fuck number it is)

Then, KA-BLAMO! Neither universe exists anymore! That’s it! Kaput! What’s left behind is BATTLEWORLD!..


This world is made up of a mashup of different realities! Whether or not they co-exist in relation to each other is unknown. These are just some of the new on-going titles that are going to be published from no on, at least until SECRET WARS is over…


The upcoming events within SECRET WARS itself remains a mystery. But one thing is for sure.. Once it’s over, whatever is left WILL BE, Our New Marvel Comics Universe!!

Now, Marvel won’t come right out with it, but it seems  like this is their way of rebooting the whole system. Much like DC COMICS did way back when with, “FLASHPOINT!”..


A story in which the Flash went back in time to prevent the death of his mother. He’s successful, but he wakes one morning to find that the whole world was flipped upside down. He had changed the course of history and as a result, effected the lives of everyone else’s! Realizing his mistake, Flash used his speed force one more time to change the past. In another adverse effect. Time was reset! Everything started over! All DC history was reset from the beginning! DC called this event.. THE NEW 52!


52 Brand new titles! New stories! New histories! New Characters! And everything in between. DC knew things in their universe was becoming a little to.. Hectic. So they needed to get their house in order.

I honestly believe Marvel has noticed the same thing in their Universe. And they realize something needs to change. They would never admit to copying DC in this matter, (Not that there is nothing wrong with that!) Which would be the reason behind making it such a huge deal!

Hopefully by the end of all this. When all is said and done. The New Marvel Universe will be as epic and awesome as it always is! I hope everything turns out for the best!

That gonna do it for me! THE SPECULATING NERD! You’ll find me here now on THE MARVEL INC BLOG! You can also follow Marvel Inc on Twitter @sgsonny70 and coming soon FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM! If you have anything to add to this topic hit me up on twitter OR.. COMMENT BELOW! I’ll see you folks next week!

So, until next time folks.. Peace out!


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