WASABI ME HOMBRE!S!?!? The Speculating Nerd here again ready to give you a review of, “MARVEL/NETFLIX: DAREDEVIL” TRAILER! Now. Your probably wondering why I am doing the review?! Well… After watching it, I began to ‘Speculate’ something’s about the trailer… And that’s about it! So!, in case you missed it.. Lets watch it again..

AWESOME! Very interesting! Clearly a much darker tone then anything we’ve seen come out of Marvel Studios. It’s kinda cool that they are setting up THE MARVEL KNIGHTS UNIVERSE!


“SAY WHAT?!?!!”

Yup! That’s what I said, “Marvel Knights Universe!”

“What you talkin’ ’bout Willis!?!?”

Look, first of all. This first season is clearly based off of FRANK MILLER and JOHN ROMITA JR’s run on “DAREDEVIL:THE MAN WITHOUT FEAR”


just look at the costume..


And the quick glance of STICK getting in to an elevator.. Most likely he would be featured in flashbacks of him training young Matt Murdock, and/or to guide him on his journey to becoming DAREDEVIL, in present day action. Both are possibilities, as it was in the comic.


“But what makes you think it’s in a whole new universe?”

I was just about to get to that. The trailer itself looks of a much darker, more ‘Realistic’ world! That’s what separates it from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The MCU is clearly a world based on fantasy. Every trailer, every movie, every episode of a series, has the same ‘fantastical’ undertone! Where as The DAREDEVIL trailer.. Looked and felt completely different from anything else we’ve ever seen before.

When they first announced their partnership with Netflix and the types of shows that they were scheduling. Everyone Speculated on whether or not these shows would be tied in to the rest of the Marvel Universe, Much like AGENTS OF SHIELD and AGENT CARTER is. As far as I know, Marvel never confirmed not denied to the fact. And now more then ever.. It seems, the NETFLIX/MARVEL UNIVERSE.. Is the MARVEL KNIGHTS UNIVERSE! A universe much more grounded in reality. Much More Darker! Much More.. (I hesitate to say..) Braver!

This also makes one think.. If DAREDEVIL and the other Upcoming shows, JESSICA JONES, LUKE CAGE, IRON FIST and then SECRET DEFENDERS are a success.. (Which I’m very certain they will be!) What could be next?!?


With Marvels reacquisition of some characters like, THE PUNISHER, GHOST RIDER, and BLADE. Their could be no telling where they can go next. And with it being on NETFLIX, there’s no worry of having to tight-rope the PG-13 line. We can have our R-RATED Characters as they were meant to be. Who knows! If SECRET DEFENDERS works! The next batch of shows could be these guys and we can get our RISE OF THE MIDKNIGHT SONS team up!! (OMG.. I just had a Nerdgasm.. Pardon me..) and it doesn’t have to end there! This gives so many other characters their chance to shine! MOON KNIGHT, NIGHT THRASHER, NEW WARRIORS, THE RUNAWAYS, HEROES FOR HIRE, BROTHER VOODOO! I can go on and on.

The more I think about it, the more excited I get about the future for The Marvel Universe! I can’t wait for this show to start this April! Fingers crossed that it is THE MARVEL KNIGHTS UNIVERSE and there will be so much more in store for us!

What do you folks think?!? Hit me up in the comment section below! Or over on my twitter page, Marvel Inc. @sgsonny70 or you can follow me here on this very blog site… Just hit that follow button that’s somewhere on your screen or something.. Please!

So, Until next time folks… Peace out!


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