Hey there folks,The other day I was watching one of my favorite YouTube channels, “AMC MAIL BAG” and someone brought up the fact that, Statistically, Women purchase more comics then men do.. (Wow! Where are these women and can I have their numbers!?) and yet! There are not a lot of Female Lead Hero Films in the coming years. So, that got me thinking. Sure, MARVEL and DC/WB are testing the waters with “CAPTAIN MARVEL” and “WONDER WOMAN” respectively. But what about the other really kick ass ladies out there. That deserve their chance on the silver screen.. So, Heres my “TOP 10 FEMALE HERO MOVIES WE NEED!” (In no particular order!)



I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks… I liked AND enjoyed, the Jennifer Garner ELEKTRA movie.. A little more then Daredevil! That aside, ELEKTRA is a character worth given a second chance. The right story and right focus and enfisous on character. It could be a franchise worthy title. Since DAREDEVIL is coming to Netflix this April, and there is no telling on weather or not Elektra will be featured in the premier season or in the future, is unknown. But if She’s not going to be in a feature film, a stand alone Netflix series would be great! It’s very much a wait and see.



I can’t say I know anything about the character. But a quick glance at her back story paints a picture of a potential scifi epic action film. A Genetically engineered assassin who has her memory erased after every kill. Something like that can make for some really good thriller quality drama. With the right actress as the main character and the proper respect for the source materiel. I see franchise.



I don’t know why, but just thinking about a HAWKWOMAN film, I think THOR style franchise! Warrior from another planet. Stranded on Earth. Learns to be a better person. Becomes protector of Earth, and yata, Yata, Yata.. HAWKWOMAN 1, 2, 3! Maybe more! JUSTICE LEAGUE inclusion as well. (On a personal note. DC/WB figure to do this kind of thing with WONDER WOMAN.. But WW is bigger then that. This is not a slight on HW but her back story and level of popularity is suited for a story like THOR’s.)



I’m not entierly sure. But I think SW is the only SPIDER character MARVEL owns. She’s an Avenger, Agent of S.W.O.R.D, all around bad ass! The costume may need some adjusting for a live action translation. But, it could work!



“There was no Halle Berry! There was no Halle Berry! THERE WAS NO HALLE BERRY!!” Just a little mantra I tell myself every so often. It helps sometimes.. Sometimes! Selena Kyle is the one true CATWOMAN. If DC builds the proper Bat-Universe in their new Cinematic Universe. She HAS to have he own stand alone film. I keep up with the comics as best I can. But a current story line has Catwoman as the Kingpin of Gothams underworld. That leaves a bevy of great story to work toward. Selena is a great character. Anne Hathaway was the best person to bring SELENA to life! Not just Catwoman, But SELENA! And that’s where it counts. Deliver the Woman behind the mask and do it right and you’ve got yourself a Batman level franchise.



We need a good Sword and Sandal epic adventure. And Big Red is just the woman we need to give us one! She’s been around for a long time. So there is plenty of material to draw from. If WARCRAFT is a success. We could see studios scrambling for the next fantasy adventure picture. If they have any sense, SONJA would be the smart choice!



The possibility of a BATWOMAN film, (I believe) truly rests on the Bat-Universe DC/WB has a chance of building. If they do it right, there really are so many avenues they can go. Which would open the door to so many other Franchise films besides Batwoman. The fact that she’s also one of the few “popular” openly gay characters in comics. (Not to say that all aren’t popular.. But lets face it. She’s Freaking BATWOMAN! She’s freaking awesome!) makes for a major one-two punch in the diversity in film department.



And I’m talking about the one and only, BARBERA GORDON! Again. The chances of such a film being made, solely rests upon the success of the future “Bat-Universe” If Affleck (*sickening chills run down spine*) works out..( *sigh*) and that’s a big “IF” and DC/WB have the mind set of building such a Universe. Then hell yeah! Give us a BATGIRL film! Which could lead to…



I honestly believe THIS could follow if “SUICIDE SQUAD” is successful, let alone a Bat-Universe. In my heart of hearts. If DC/WB is really looking to broaden its universe and looking to capture a bigger audience.. This is a no brainer! A perfect lead in would be to follow after a BATGIRL film, or a BATMAN movie that features BATGIRL. She is the key figure head of the B.O.P. besides BLACK CANARY. Plus! If its good and done right. They have more characters they can spin off in to solo movies.



WHY THE FUCK HASEN’T MARVEL GIVEN SCARLET JOHANSON/BLACK WIDOW A STAND ALONE FILM YET!?!? How many times must she knock that character out of the park!? In the comics, BW has shown that she is much more then just a side character. And in the past few years, Scarlet’s performance in every single Widow appearance, has PROVEN! That she can be more then a supporting character! I mean, WINTER SOLDIER was awesome! It was more then a Comic Book Movie. It was more then an Action movie. It was a Political Thriller, incompassed by an actioner, set in a comic book world. And that’s what BLACK WIDOW CAN BE! Mix some MISSION IMPOSSIBLE spy stuff in there and BLAMO! You got yourself a rockin’ good time! And Scarlet can deliver the action goods! And she is a proven leading lady that can bring in the big bucks! So for FUCKS SAKE MARVEL!! GET IT IN GEAR!!

There you go.. My Top Ten! Let me know what you think. Who do you think should get there own movie? Who did I leave out? Am I a raving lunatic? LET ME KNOW! COMMENT BELOW.. Or,  You can find me on Twitter Marvel INC. @sgsonny70 Coming soon Instagram and Facebook.

So, Until next time folks… Peace out!


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