“WELCOME HOME SPIDEY…NOW GET OUT!!”: ‘Why I Think The Sony/Marvel Spiderman Deal Sucks!’


It happened. It actually happened. It finally actually happened! No doubt, all of GEEKDOM knows.. “SPIDER-MAN IS BACK HOME WITH MARVEL!” It feels like one of those moments in history, when someone can ask you, “Where Were You When..?”


“Where were you when, Spider-Man came back to Marvel?!” Well, I was at work. Working the late shift, watching TERMINATOR 2 on Netflix. I noticed several twitter pop ups on my screen. I didn’t pay much mind to it at first. The movie finished, it was nearing time to open the store. I figured I’d check out my twitter feed.. And there it was.. Headline after Headline. “MARVEL AND SONY CONFIRM DEAL: SPIDER-MAN JOINS THE MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE!” I was speechless! I wasn’t sure if it was true or not! Things like this don’t really happen in this day and age with these big companies.. This couldn’t be real! But, Marvel confirmed it.. Sony Confirmed it.. It. Was. True! At first I got excited. He’s home! He’s actually home!! And then.. Came the real Truth..

He’s not home! Marvel hasn’t reaquired the rights to everything that is spider related. Literally, Spiderman.. Is just visiting! He’s just ‘swinging by’ (pun intended) saying, ‘Hey, Whats up!’ And off he goes.


Now, I am not going to pretend that I did extensive reaserch in to the deal. I didn’t contact any kinds of sources that would know what went on behind the scenes of the deal.. But here it is in a nutshell. MARVEL, IS HELPING SONY, KEEP SPIDER-MAN!

“What the serious fuck?!?”

SONY went to MARVEL and said, “We need help making this one little property we have of YOURS! a success! We don’t want to lose it and we know you don’t want to pay the price he’s worth at this point, (4+Billion dollars) SO! Here’s what we can offer you.. Take him in to YOUR Cinematic Universe. Recast, Reboot, whatever you want! Make it your own! Submerge him in your world. Give him his stand alone film in Co-Production with us… (Or something. I can’t say if that’s true or not. But I digress) THEN! In EXCHANGE of your use of SPIDERMAN, We take all that you’ve set up, and put him in OUR stuff! WE (SONY) make his movies from then on. WE make any money the movies make from then on. YOU make the money from whatever movie(s) you put him in. We(SONY) have final say over whatever you do do with him in your movies, and so on and so forth. Also! Should it help with a story line we are developing, We (SONY) get to use a MARVEL character we don’t have the rights too.. So.. We have a deal?!?”

And What did Marvel say… “We get to use Spiderman?!.. Yeah sure! Why not! We’ll just push back our more ANTICIPATED FILMS! To make room for ONE, Spider-Man movie!”



Sure. Several, and I do mean SEVERAL of other fans are seeing this from a financial standpoint. Saying that it makes perfect business sense for both SONY and MARVEL. Others are just happy that Spidey’s going to be included in the MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE.


I don’t care about the money. I don’t care that in some shape or form, spidey is “Back Home” it’s a bull shit deal! Marvel is HELPING SONY keep Spiderman! Just to include him In the MCU! If he’s going to be here. Have him STAY here! It just doesn’t make sence to me to help someone keep our property when we should be worried about getting him back! An in all honesty.. I Love, LOVE Spiderman. I do.. But, MARVEL DOESN’T NEED SPIDERMAN! Guardians of the Galaxy proved that fact, a BILLION times over! Marvel Studios is on such a high with (sorry to say) ‘B’-‘C’ List characters! It’s amazing. Right now, Marvel can’t do no wrong. So to, set back your schedule for something that isnt going to stay with you. Just doesn’t sit well with me.

This stinks of GOVERNMENT BAILOUT! SONY was failing, gasping for Air. And Marvel’s come along and is now bailing them out! Helping them KEEP our property!! WHY?!?

Sony was failing. It was only a matter of time before they collapsed and gave up on Spiderman. 7 years later, rights would have returned back to Marvel. No Sweat! No Hassle! Then, AMAZING SPIDER-CRAP 1 and 2 would have been wiped from memory. Marvel’s phase 4 or Whatever, would have had a SPECTACULAR SPIDERMAN in it, and we would have been better off for it.

But, maybe that’s just me! “Welcome Home Spidey.. Now Get Out!”

Thats gonna do it for me! Let me know what you think about this “Deal” with the Devil, Marvel made! Comment below, hit me up on twitter @sgsonny70 our follow me in INSTAGRAM! @Marvel_inc2099 coming soon to YouTube and Facebook.. Well.. When I feel like it!

So, until next time folks… Peace out!


2 thoughts on ““WELCOME HOME SPIDEY…NOW GET OUT!!”: ‘Why I Think The Sony/Marvel Spiderman Deal Sucks!’

  1. I hate sony period. I’ve sold my lamestation 4, simply because of the lack of exclusives. Uncharted 4 was the only exclusive worth playing. Even some of their other films, lets take “Grown Ups” for example, they bash other Companies. In grown ups, it shows them playing the lame ps3, then one of the actors says how the wii is “wiitarted”. (It’s funny how the Wii demolished the ps3 in sales) Sony is such an immature company, they can’t come up with their own ideas. PS move was copied off of Nintendo’s WiiMote controller, and their “Trophies” were copied off of Xbox Achievements! Now they won’t release the new Spider Man game for all comsoles. Sony is forcing people to but their trash just to play Spiderman! I really hate fony!


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