Hey folks! Your pal Neo here, to give you a little “APP REVIEW”

“MARVEL’S: PUZZLE QUEST!”  It’s a game I’ve become rather addicted to in the past couple of weeks. It’s exactly like candy crush!


But so much more…. MARVELous!! With a pretty cool story inspired by Marvel’s DARK REIGN story line.


THE GOOD: You start off with three basic heroes. IRON MAN, STORM and HAWKEYE.. (If I’m not mistaken.. It’s been awhile since I started it and my roster has expanded a bit.) Depending on the mission your on, You also get special ‘Team Ups’ It could be THOR, DEADPOOL, STAR-LORD and more. Again, depending on the mission.


As you progress through the game, you win “ISO-8” with witch you can then use to boost up your heroes’ powers/abilities/level.


Your heroes special abilities really come in handy during battles. Some Battles are easy as fuck.. But others, whoa-boy.. Sometimes I wanna throw my iPod out the window. (Beware of Robot Thor, Daken and Bullseye/Hawkeye.. They can be serious pains in the asses!)

THE BAD: In order to increase your roster of heroes. You need to purchase space.


Using “GOLD HERO COINS/POINTS” which come very, very, very rarely! The only way you can get enough coins. Is to purchase them… With real money… (Uh… No fucking thank you!) I would much rather boost up and kick ass with the heroes I do have! And wait for the game to supply me with the coins in a few days..

THE VERDICT: Besides the lack of proper Gold Coin distribution within the game. The game itself is so addictingly fun and challenging. It’s worth it! Going up against Marvel’s best, With the Best! It’s fun. And just about every other day your given new mission events that allow you the chance to get rare heroes and rewards. You can put your roster of heroes against others online in a versus mode. Join other alliances or make your own. It’s worth downloading and losing a good amount of sleep on.

Well, that’s gonna do it for me folks. Hope you enjoyed my APP REVIEW on “MARVEL’S PUZZLE QUEST” feel free to let me know what you think. You know where to find me.

So, Until next time folks… Peace out!


“MARVEL’S PUZZLE QUEST” Just added Two new events to the game.. “ENEMY OF THE STATE!”





If your thinking about downloading the App/Game you might wanna do so now! Check it out!


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