As awesome and revolutionary the original X-MEN TRILOGY was. A WHOLE SHIT LOAD OF STUFF WENT WRONG!!


In retrospect, The first X- Film had its faults . Characterization, relationships, and most of the plot.  But that’s just about it. As a first go around it still holds up in my book.


X-2 on the other hand is where things got a little more… Ifey. Hugh Jackman’s WOLVERINE, was indeed the breakout thing about the first film. There is no denying that. BUT! X-2 was were the films ceased to be about the team as a whole, and more of a vehicle for Wolverine to shine! Wolverine is one of my most favorite Marvel characters. And Hugh will always be Wolverine in my eyes and it will be hard to see anyone else play there character in the future. But that doesn’t mean you push the core members of the team in to back up players! All the X-Men books have been very TEAM centered. It was never about one member. (There’s no ‘I’ in TEAM!) Characterization took an even bigger nose dive. The plot was cool.. But, it would have served better in a Wolverine Stand alone film. Then, came…


(In all honesty… I enjoyed it for what it was..) However! This is the film that took the Dark Phoenix Saga and crapped all over it! Why was Vinnie Jones in a Muscle suit?!? It felt more like a “Guess how many mutants we can fit in this movie” then an actual X-Men Film. The plot played out like an episode of the cartoon series. Not that that is a bad thing… But it is if your trying to make a blockbuster film. The direction was all over the place. There’s a reason why most people don’t wish to speak about it.. It’s like.. The “BATMAN & ROBIN” of the X-Men franchise…. Only it’s more tolerable,  and more watchable for that matter!


The X-Universe is full of characters that have franchise potential. And Fox failed to utilize that potential by focusing on what they assumed was the only money maker they had. Which was Wolverine. If they had paid proper attention to the universe they had at their disposal, we would have had an X-Force franchise, X-Factor, as well. Cyclops could have had his own series of films if given the proper respect he deserved. If X-Origins was done right, we would be talking about a DEADPOOL 2 or 3 by now! BUT NOOOO!! THEY SOWED HIS MOUTH SHUT FOR SHITS SAKE!! Dumbasses! But I digress..

Continuity was… How can I put it?… NON EXISTENT! When it came to the spin-offs and following sequals/prequels. Even the awesome X-Men: First Class suffered from the lack of continuity!


Remember, White Queen, Emma Frost appeared in ORIGINS?! She was like.. 16 or 18 or so.. And that movie was supposed to take place in around the late, 70’s or 80’s?!… So why is she a 20 or 30 something year old women in the 60’s in FIRST CLASS?!? Exactly!.. No sense of continuity was used in a lot of the movies. But! First Class was pretty darn awesome!

NOW: Dark skies are gonna clear up! Put on a happy face!! Fox looks like it’s getting its act together! They were able to set everything right and straight with..


X-MEN:DAYS OF FUTURES PAST! Wow! They still kinda screwed.. Some thing’s up a bit.. (Kitty Pride developing the ability to send people’s minds back in time… Really?! Was having an actual TELEPATH do it too much?!? Cause seriously.. Shadowcat? Whateves!) All in all, the setting back the clock and changing time leaves so many things open for them.

APOCALYPSE, is shaping up to be an awesome conclusion to the new trilogy.(First Class, D.O.F.P and then Apocalypse) the recent casting choices they’ve made look very promising!


And most recently..


Things are looking up for the future of the X-Men franchise. If Fox does this right, stay true to the core foundations of the X-Men and focus on the team/family aspect of it all. Build up the right characters to support future spin offs and stand alone films. And not just focus on the one super popular one! And I would look over the fact that Marvel doesn’t own the rights to the X-Men.. But if they fuck up!… I’ll be bitching and moaning for Fox to give up the rights until the cows come home!

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So, Until next time folks… Peace out!





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