We recently got our first look at MORTAL KOMBAT X’s story mode, with one hell of an awesome trailer. For those of you who may have missed it.. (The hell is wrong with you!?!?) here you go,

Omg! Did you see when that dude kicked Reptiles head off and shot it with his arrows!? That was so damn sweet!!

So, from what can be determined from the trailer. Is that Cassie Cage is the main protagonist besides the other members of her “Special Forces Team”


Whilst we see there is a bit of trouble within their ranks. Outworld is going through a bit of a civil war between the forces of Khotal Khan and Mileena’s rebel forces as she tries to wrest back her “stolen throne” from Khan.  At the center of all this is a sacred Talisman with untold power. Which Maleena possess.

Near as I can tell, this ‘Talisman’ is most likely an item RAIDEN used ages ago in a battle with SHINNOK. It’s must be something Shinnok needs to further his plans he had set into motion back in MK9.

Now! In this trailer, we got a total of 5 new character reveals. Kung Jin, Jaquline Briggs, and Takahasi Takahido (or whatever) are among them. Also revealing that Maleena was in fact returning. But the name Jaquilne Briggs made me think.. Is that JAX’s daughter?!.. Cause if so… What the hell? Ain’t he DEAD?!?


For shits sake.. There are more then a couple of people who died in MK9, and I’m seeing them in this trailer.



KUNG LAO got his neck broke and was dead throughout the rest of MK9. However, MKX’s story takes place over the course of 25 yrs. So, perhaps this Kung Lao is another ‘reincarnation’.




Yes, Kitana is of OutWorld and she’s like, 3,000 yes old and such… But her soul was sucked up by her own Mother.. I’m no expert but.. I’m not sure there’s any coming back from that! (Unless your in the MK Universe!) and lastly!..


SUBZERO! Be-Han got his head ripped off in MK9 only to be resurrected by QUAN CHI and turned in to NOOB SAIBOT.


Then Tundra,


his brother assumes the mantle of SUBZERO to learn of whatever happened to his brother, only to then be captured by the LIN QUE and turned in to CYBER SUBZERO…


Then he died too! Who the heck is this new bearded (and presumably Blind) SUBZERO! Could there be a Third Brother?!? It’s possible!

Looking back at MK9, Tundra never had the red scar on his face. Which, if memory serves me right, is a trademark of the 2nd SZ, since the original Mortal Kombat 2! Of course, time has been turned upside down thanks to Raidens actions in MK9. So several things could have been rewritten. Perhaps there is a THIRD older Subzero.

(But What about the twisted looking Subzero from the first announcement trailer?!)


well…. Perhaps he’s a Specter just like SCORPION which would explain his darker looking appearance?! (Or it’s an alternate costume?) That too.

Then there’s that really cool closing message.. “Goro Lives..”


If we pre-order the game now, we get to play as GORO! Which leaves me to believe, he could somehow play a key role in the overarching story. (You might be wrong though.) what makes you say that? (It could just be a really cool incentive for people to pre-order the game! There’s plenty of people who got MK 9 and were a little disappointed to not be able to play as him.. Much like you were.) True.. But what about that makes you think I could be wrong about the other thing?.. (Cause your always wrong about these things!) …. Touché.

(Now that I look back at this blog.. You make so many speculations, you should have given this article to The Speculating Nerd!) Well, I was just..

“Hey! He’s right! What are you trying to do?! Steal my shtick?!?”


So, until next time folks… Peace out!



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