A message to geek bloggers… CALM THE FUCK DOWN!!

Wasabi ladies and gentelnerds! How’s it hanging?! As you can tell from the title of this blog, this is a message to all geek blogging sites all over social media, (They shall remain nameless at the moment)


‘Whow! Where did that come from?’

As a blogger myself and super geek, some of the stuff that gets posted online as “News” or “Breaking News” by most Geek Centric sites, is starting to piss me the fuck off.


Just the other day, I was trolling around Instagram and a bunch of the sites I follow, Whom shall remain nameless (*COUGH* superhero feed! *COUGH, COUGH*) and others were clogging up my TL with bull shit rumors of “BREAKING: BATMAN v. SUPERMAN TRAILER PREMIERING BEFORE AVENGERS 2!! Click Link to read more and such other bull shit!”


I feel like telling them…


I too am eagerly awaiting something that MOVES, from “BvS” as much as the next nerd..


AND! I understand the need to get people to visit your website and stuff. But do the ends justifies the means? Is risking your integrity as a geek news sight, worth reporting on something that’s utter bull shit? That has no validity at all? Or something that makes no damn sense at all! Ain’t no damn way Marvel/Disney is going to allow a rival studio (No matter how friendly they may be) to promote their upcoming film! This is DISNEY we are talking about. Most trailers that appear before a Disney film, is either another Disney film, a DreamWorks film, something family friendly or some comedy of sorts! It would make no fucking sense for them to show a WB property before thier biggest film at the moment!

‘Well, I can see a financial reason… It would deffinetly put more butts in the seats to go see AVENGERS 2!’

SHUT THE FUCK UP! Who asked you?!

‘Just saying..’

ANYWAYS!… The BvS trailer has been linked to so many damn movies since last year, it’s starting to sicken me. First there was, JUPITER ACCENDING, then HOBBIT 3, There was talk of during the SUPER BOWL, then there was talk of STAR WARS later this year, and just before this bull crap, there was talk of it coming out before MAD MAX:FURY ROAD. Which makes a whole lot more sense.

BvS isn’t the only thing. Earlier this year Robert Downey Jr made a comment on his Facebook. Remarking on the different chest pieces he had for IRON MAN 1,2, and 3 and all he said was, “what’s next? A pic of my chest hair?!” HOLY FUCK! Next thing you know.. “BREAKING NEWS: RDJ Hinting at IRON MAN 4!?!”

Talk about grasping at fucking straws! Now don’t get me wrong! Those other sites give my site a dozen kicks up the ass when it comes to quality and presentation. But at least I don’t go tongue first on the first cock and bull story just to sucker you people to come on to my site! If it interests me.. I’ll write about it.. When I got the time. (I happen to have a life outside of blogging!)

Huh?! Say again?!… Holy shit! You serious?!? Well.. Uh folks…

BREAKING NEWS!!! As I write this at this very moment. It has come to my attention that a TEASER for the TEASER TRAILER of BATMAN v. SUPERMAN has just hit the web.. Let me see if I can just…. Paste this right over….

THERE YOU GO! Check it out! I’ll wait right here.. Go on, you know you want to….

WOW!! My excitement lasted about as long as that tease! I’ll probably do a YOUTUBE review for my channel.. To explain what I mean. (Check it out when you can!) So, there you have it! APRIL 20 is when we get our first look at BvS in motion(and hopefully in COLOR!)

Going back to my point! If your gonna report on something. Make sure it has some validity and not just some bull shit filler to get “CLICKS” and “LIKES” We geeks and geekettes, want our news to be honest and on point! At least, it’s what we deserve!

Let me know your thoughts! Comment below, OR! follow me on TWITTER: @sgsonny70 INSTAGRAM: @marvel_inc2099 and YOUTUBE: The Marvel Inc. Show!

So, Until next time folks… Peace out!

‘You do know it would have worked for them to have the BvS trailer come out in front of Avenges right?’

Will you Shut Up please! Geez! Don’t you folks hate it when the voice in your head won’t just shut up!?


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