Fantastic 4 Trailer review! (EHH!)

As I said in the last article. This has been one hell of a week for geeks! The other day we got another brand new trailer for 20TH CENTURY FOX’S- FANT4STIC…. (I seriously feel like a fucking tool for spelling it like that… SIGH!!!)


…..       ………. EHH!

Seriously.. Eh!

I mean.. Thing looks Great!


The special effects on the powers looked gorgeous.



(A thousand times better then the previous FF films.) The Actors are top notch talent…

But… EH! This trailer did nothing for me. I found only one part of it to be.. Really cool, When Reed says, “All I want to do is fix my friends!” And we get the shots of everybody using their powers in one way or another and someone says, “Theres no fixing this!” The shot focused on Thing at that moment, but I don’t think it was him who says it.

I’m not at all disappointed by the trailer.. Its Good!… I’m Just not completely SOLD! And the big let down, for me.. That stupid look for Doom.


I mean… THE FUCK IS THAT?!? Why is Doom so damn hard for these people to do right?! WHY?!?

Look.. This movie could very well be as spectacular as Days Of Future Past, or Avengers! OR it could be another Amazing Spiderman or Amazing Spiderman 2! We don’t know yet! But for know… This trailer has me at… EH!

Thanks for reading folks! Let me know what you think. Comment Below. Or hit me up at my usual haunts.. You should know where to find me by now!

So, Until next time folks… Peace Out!


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