Holy moly.. *PHEW* What a week for us geeks.. So much has happened so fast. I’m breaking my neck trying to keep up with it. ( “How am I doing folks!?” )

So! We got a couple of pretty big Trailers dropped into our laps this past week. First we got..


And then we got…


Lets start with STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS! Here’s the trailer and then we’ll get down to it..

WHOA!!!!! That was spectacular! I got goosebumps from the start of the score as the speeder was going across the sands. Then the chills ran down my spine at the sight of the crashed Empireial Battle Cruiser. It’s the perfect teaser trailer. Shows you everything worth seeing to wet our whistle and get us thursting for more. Also give us the idea of what’s going on. Without really telling us outright. And still not spoiling anything. (Looking at you Terminator Genisys!) The money shot for me was the Han Solo and Chewbacca shot with “Chewy.. We’re home.” All and all, it was a tremendous trailer. Something I can watch over and over again until December.




That was really good.. I mean really good!! Uhm.. It is what it is. A teaser trailer. It’s very batman heavy throughout the second half of the trailer.. I was, however. A little turned off by the portrayel of Batmans “Role” in this film. I am a huge Batman fan. And I dont know Batman to be “Jealous” of Superman! He IS however very distrustful and weary of a Man who possesses the power of a God. So, this trailer makes me concerned about Batmans place in this story. HOWEVER!! We are STILL, a YEAR! Away from the release of BvS. This type of trailer should have been for Comic Con. It’s really cool that they gave it to us now. I think we may have pressured the studio to give us something. And this is what we got. So I’m happy with it. I’m hyped. Not as hype as I am for Star Wars since, for some reason, my brain is telling me it’s coming sooner. (It’s coming in December! There’s still plenty of waiting we have to do for it!) if this was NOT, BvS. And just some other hero movie. The studios handeling of generating hype and the marketing thus far.. Would be considered god-awful! Like.. Edge Of Tomorrow (aka: All You Need Is Kill/ aka: Live. Die. Repeat! Whatever the fuck its called now!) kind of awful!! The fact that it IS BvS, is what’s saving this movie. With all this lack luster marketing they’ve been giving us and secrecy surrounding this film, it had all better be worth it! BvS BETTER BE THE GREATEST SUPERHERO FILM OF ALL TIME… OF. ALL. TIME!! I know that may be asking for alot.. But hot damn, it had better be worth it.

In closing… Two great trailers. One clearly a step above the other. But great trailers nonetheless! I’m hyped. I’m intrigued. I’m in for the very, very long haul!

Let me know your thought folks! Comment below. Or hit me up on TWITTER: @sgsonny70 INSTAGRAM:@marvel_inc2099 YOUTUBE: The marvel inc. show!

So, until next time folks… Peace out!




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