“HULK, SMASH! HULK, BASH! Hulk, Needs A New Direction!


Hulk IS, and always WILL be, One of my Favorite Marvel Heroes! I love Hulk. So  in preparation for this summers hit “AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON” I watched all the Marvel Movies leading up to it. After watching “The Incredible Hulk” (Ed Norton’s Hulk film) I realized something… I’m tired of Stupid Hulk!

AGE OF ULTRON, was spectacular and Hulk’s role was awesome! He had several more kick ass moments in this one then in the First AVENGERS Movie. By the end of it, SPOILERS! Hulk is flying off in a QuinJet all by himself. Where Is he going? We have no fucking clue! Too many folks believe He’s heading off in to space. Which to set up for PLANET HULK. But I wouldn’t think so. Because its stated that the QuinJet crashes somewhere else on earth. S. H. I. E. L.  D  can’t track it cause of the ships cloaking. But they assume of course that he survived and wandered off.

But for those of you who have read PLANET HULK, and the follow-up WORLD WAR HULK. We know that there are SEVERAL, factors that need to come in to play in order for PH to work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! In PH, Hulk was coherent enough to know what his situation was. He knew he was betrayed by those he considered his friends. He could  convey his feelings in full sentences!

But the Hulk we have now. Has only said Two phrases. “Hulk Smash!” (The Incredible Hulk) and “Puny God!” (The Avengers) He hasn’t really displayed much… Brain! image

Hulk has been portrayed as a Rampaging Machine of Destruction (Which he is!) But nothing More!


Hulk has had a very long and storied career. From Gray confused Monster, to Green Monster, Green Rampage Monster, Gray Vegas Bouncer with a Brain, Intelligent Scientist, Other-Worldly Gladiator, and most recently, Doc Green! (Meaning he’s smart again!)

We all want a new Hulk stand alone movie. But Marvel Studios, faces a number of challenges. ONE- Universal Studios still own the rights to a Hulk stand alone film. Meaning, that if Marvel were to do another Hulk film, they would have to do so in Partnership with Universal. (Similar to what they are going to do with Sony/Spiderman) Marvel CAN, however, use Hulk in any way they want as long as it is not a solo picture. Hence why they have him in The Avengers films. TWO- Marvel needs to find the perfect balance of Banner to Hulk screen time ratio. Can’t have too much Banner, nor too much Hulk. AND still have a great story to carry it all at the same time.


HULK (Ang Lee, 2003) was waaaayyy too sentimental and very Art House Film! Ang Lee is a genious.. But HULK’S failure rests on his directing and the screenplay.


THE INCREDIBLE HULK (Ed Norton, 2008) Which showcased The Rampage Hulk, Relied too much on just Action with a (some what) weak script. And like the previous film. Had just a little too much Banner and waisted that time with a great actor such as Norton. There are more negatives in this film then there are positives. Again, Story was a major factor in why TIH didn’t work so well. Marvel Studios however. Has found the right formula. But in a very condenced format



If Planet Hulk is in the future of the MCU. Then build up to it for Phase 4. First build a substantial series of Hulk films that set up a Planet Hulk (That being the 3rd film of the new trilogy) And make World War Hulk the closing film event. My idea goes a little something like this.. Bring The Leader back from TIH, have him find Bruce after the events of Ultron. Offering him the chance of ‘Curing’ himself of the Hulk. When in actuality he finds a way to split them from each other. In hopes of placing his consciousness into the Hulks body. But Leaders plan back fires.  He’s not able to implant himself in to Hulks body. So Banner himself looks to stop the rampaging Hulk. Turns out Hulk and Bruce will die without each other, (For More dramatic effect perhaps?!) Building himself a version of the ‘Veronica’ (Age of Ultron reference) Banner sets to subdue the Hulk in order for them to join back together. In the ensuing battle, Hulk speaks! Revealing a new side of the Hulk! (Perhaps make him Gray Hulk and explain it as a side-effect from the Split)


Finding that he can communicate with the Hulk, Bruce tries to reason with him and convince him that they need to join back together for both their benefit. A suitable ending would be for them to join together and the result would be Banner-Hulk from the 90’s!


Or maybe. The new version of them, will have Hulk transform on his own. Without being stressed or angry. The sequel would have Hulk face a threat that requires him to unleash his full fury. Leaving the other Heroes of the MCU no choice but to ship Hulk the hell off the planet. That’s when we have our Planet Hulk film!

But THAT! Is  just my juvenile comic book movie imagination talking. I’m sure Marvel has a much better more entertaining idea somewhere down the line. All I’m saying is.. Give us a Hulk that has more then one dimension to him! The end of Age Of Ultron left a HUGE open playing field for Hulks future. Lets see if they can take him in the right direction.

So, until next time folks… Peace out!


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