“THE SPECULATING NERD!!”: DISECTS THE “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” Trailer!


Its been awhile!! Wasabi folks!? I’m sorry I’ve been away so long.. I, uh.. I had a bit of a mental break down after my last post.. “The Marvel Announcement”… Yeah.. That was a bit of a… Disappointment for me.. It hit me pretty hard.. I mean. A trailer IS NOT AN ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Excuse me. Sorry about that. I’m still, working on it. So! What’s the topic today?!… Aha! The Batman v. Superman trailer! Before I dig in to it.. Lets give it another look shall we?!

Sweet! Ok, not bad. So here’s what I can conclude.

Though it is not MAN OF STEEL 2, it is however following the events of the first movie. And clearly Earth is still getting accustomed to havering such a powerful being in thier midst. The city honors him with a Statue..


And there are clearly those that hold him to blame for the destruction of most of the city, and consider him a false “god”. While others see him as one


Such things going on, could force Superman to reflect on his past actions and how he has to carry himself in to the future.

While there are those that would worship him in a calm like manner. There could be that opposite of that coin.. “The Fanatics”


Those that would take on his symbol, and commit themselves to a cause that focuses on a more ‘Extreme’ approach. (Ie: an underground military force) Something else Superman would have to face somewhere and at some point in this movie.


In the meanwhile. As the trailer portrays it. Batman is feeling a little inadequate now that there is a “Super Powered” being flying around. Which would lead him to come out of ‘Retirement’ and be more of a badass,


or “Cruel” as Alfred puts it. (On a side note: I don’t know Batman to be jealous of Superman. As the trailer somewhat paints it as. But more, Suspicious of Superman. He can’t completely trust someone who can do what Superman does!) Speaking of Alfred’s quote in this trailer. Is it truly safe to assume that he IS speaking to and or about Bruce himself. The same quote could also be directed toward Lex Luthor. “The fever, The rage. The feeling of, Powerlessness.. That turn good men cruel!” All these things easly describe the kind of man Lex is. Especialy how he feels towards someone like Superman! We still don’t know what role Lex would play in the full extent of this movie. But I’m willing to bet he’s the reason why Batman and Superman will come Face to Face at somepoint in this movie.


This teaser leaves a lot on the table in regards to what exactly is going to push these two heavyweights to come to blows. But I am very excited to see it happen. Hopefully, DC/WB will get it done right!

Thats what I got out of the trailer. What did you get out of it? Let me know, and comment below!

So, until next time- Oh! Hi Doc… No, I was not talking to myself, i was just talking to my readers… The people that read my blog!… Yes I have a blog!.. Yes people read it! …. I’ll have you know I have. Uh. Ten’s of people that read my blog…. I AM NOT TALKING TO MYSELF!!.. no I don’t need a shot… I was yelling because your not listening to me…. I’m fine, I don’t need a shot, no I don’t!… Oh Fuck! SOMBODY GET ME OUT OF HERE!! NO! NOT THE SHOT! NOT THE.. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!


3 thoughts on ““THE SPECULATING NERD!!”: DISECTS THE “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” Trailer!

    1. At first, I HATED the casting, absolutely HATE it!… But, Now, I am trying very hard to just wait and see how he does in the role. Before I end up looking like a total fool talking crap out my mouth! and may i say. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUBSCRIBING TO MY BLOG! I TRULY APPRECIATE IT!

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      1. You’re welcome! and I feel exactly the same way! I was not happy at all with him in the role but I’m just going to wait and see how it turns out. They have yet to master the brooding yet funny Batman of The Animated Series.

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