“WHAT WENT WRONG WITH…” ‘DCU’s Animated Originals’

Hey! Hey! Ladies and Gentelnerds! And welcome to a brand spanking new feature to the Marvel Inc. Blog. “WHAT WENT WRONG WITH..” I’ve done something like  this before with “Where Did The Original X-Men Triliogy Go Wrong!” (A link to that article will be located at the end of this one.) So, I flipped some words around and here we have our first official “What Went Wrong With..” And today’s subject? ‘DCU’S ANIMATED ORIGINALS!’


There was a time when, DC/WB was doing something RIGHT for a change! Their Animated Originals were the Best animated films to ever hit the screen. All mostly straight to DVD. But damn they were Theater quality stuff! Marvel had their hits.. But a lot were misses. DC, however, had Hit after Hit after Hit. They had such great quality movies. Why, you ask? Cause they adapted their films from High Quality Stories. For example..



Just to name a couple. High Quality!

But all this, was Pre-52!

For those of you who are not “in the know” The 52 is in regards to DC’s New 52 era of comics. A few years back (The exact Number of years escapes me at the moment.. Perhaps 2012 or 2013? Not sure!) DC rebooted and retconed all of its major titles (52 in total) What kicked it off was A fantastic miniseries called FLASHPOINT!


A few years later came the (almost) equally great Animated adaptation,


Little did I realize that, much like the book, This film rebooted DC’s Animated line as well. Their goal. Is to create an interwoven Animated Universe, based off of the New 52 comic line. Where each film is a follow up from the last. What I also didn’t realize at the time. Was that, FLASHPOINT would probably be the very last GREAT Justice League inspired movie!



A big disappointment (For Me) which is surprising because I Loved the book it was based on.


( What the Fuck went wrong there?!? How could they screw this up?!??)

Everything just continued to spiral downhill since! SON OF BATMAN.


A HUGE FUCKING WASTE OF FUCKING TIME!! Granted.. I did not read the book it was based on… But fuck this movie! The follow up, BATMAN VS ROBIN, a very small step up.. But still a major let down! They bastardized the fuck out of the Court Of Owls story line. Probably the greatest Batman story arc in the past decade! It sits right up there with The Long Halloween. (In my opinion). And they took it and wiped their asses with it by putting in all the other crap with Batman and Robin! (If you want my full  review on Batman vs Robin, I’ll add that link in the bottom as well.


THRONE OF ATLANTIS was another step up. But still could have been done so much better and differently! However.. In all this gloom, there has been one, only ONE, bright spot in this post-52 era.


THE! Most Original thing to come out since the 52 Era started. ASSAULT ON ARKHAM was based on the world of the Arkham Games, staring the SUICIDE SQUAD! This movie was such a pleasant surprise and was so enjoyable I rank it up there right next to UNDER THE RED HOOD. (And that’s saying something!) To me, It feels like DC/WB Animation, has traded in Substance for Style! The 52-Era of Animated films have become all about style, and very little Substance! And THAT! Is Where They Really Went Wrong!

I know there are plenty of you who may be reading this and are probably saying “I found several of the 52 Era DCU animated movies to be very good and enjoyable, so I don’t know why your being so fucking nit picky asshole!?” To that I say, “Fuck you! You go back and watch, Batman/Superman:Apocalypse or Public Enemies, then watch Son of Batman or Batman vs Robin. Or how about You go watch Justice League:Doom or New Frontier or hell, even Crisis on Two Earths and THEN watch Atlantis and War! And you tell me you don’t see the fucking difference in QUALITY!! Thank you and good day… I SAID GOOD DAY!”

Let me know what you folks think! Am I being a Knit-Picky asshole, or am I on to something here! Please LIKE, FOLLOW  and or SUBSCRIBE and please comment below! (Or hit me up at the usual spots. Twitter and Instagram)

So, until next time folks… Peace out!

Heres those links I promised!




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