Worshiping The (Dare) Devil!: Season one review!


I know I’m late with this DAREDEVIL Season One Review. But like I’ve stated in previous blogs… It’s been a busy Month!

April 10th, I got off work roughly around 2am. Knowing Netflix would drop DD, sometime around 3am eastern standard time. As tired as I was from work, I told myself I would wait up to at least catch the first episode. The clock hit 3:15 and suddenly 2 and a half hours later I was half way through episode 3! That’s how awesome and epic this show is! I was hooked by the first 5 minutes of the first episode.

Just about everything that could go right about this show, did and then some! It went above and beyond expectations. There were some missteps here and there.. But we’ll get to that later. Lets start with what did work.. Like THE CAST.


Charlie Cox, IS Matt Murdock! He completly imbodied the character. He is exactly what you would think a real life Matt would be like. He took the role very seriously and played it so earnestly. His Daredevil is spot on! Just like the show portrays it.. He literally Earns the Suit by the end of it all!


ELDEN HENSON As good ol’ Franklin “Foggy” Nelson, is a stroke of genious! It’s as if Foggy walked right out of the comics and looks like the guy from the ‘Mighty Ducks’ movies! He really brought Foggy to life. His sense of humor, his quarks, his style, his personality! Like Cox is Murdock, IS Foggy!


THIS MAN DESERVES A FUCKING E.M.M.Y NOMINATION!! Never, in all my years (which is only 27) have I seen The Kingpin portrayed like this! VINCINT D’ONOFRIO revolutionized the Character of WILSON FISK. Forever more, whenever Wilson Fisk is retconed or rebooted for any medium, whether  it be for Comics, movies or TV. His version of Fisk is what everyone will draw inspiration from. A very unbalanced man-child with the mind of a ruthless buisnessman. A very valitile combination.


DEBORAH ANN WOLL, as Karen Page…. She’s a tremendous actress! Very talented. Beautiful, and she played the character (That they gave her..) to the fullest.

The list could go on and on, The folks behind this show, assembled the best cast that any show could ever dream of!

THE SHOW!The writing and the direction was incredibly on point. Each episode was as strong as the last. The format of how the show is delivered,  really helped on that front. It really was a full blown 13 hour film.


The amazing thing they did with this show. Was although it is apart of the overall MCU, it still exists within its own pocket universe. It’s not beholden to what is going on with the rest of the Marvel U. It has the freedom to tell the story they needed to tell. This show, really was a breath of fresh air.

Now for the negatives! There aren’t many, but there are negatives! WARNING!! IF YOU HAVE NOT YET SEEN DAREDEVIL. SPOILERS AHEAD!!

Karen Page is written in such a way that.. In laymen terms, SHE FUCKING SUCKED! Every thing she did and or said got every one hurt or killed! Every time she was on screen, I felt like a backseat driver giving her the right directions to go and she decided to drive on the sidewalk and run people over! With all due respect to Deborah.. If they continue to write Karen like this… I hope she doesn’t last past season two. Best case scenario, season three will go down the route of Frank Miller’s “BORN AGAIN” storyline and she’ll die at the end of that! Her killing Wesley, was a huge mistake. Throught DD comic history, Wesley is Kingpin’s right hand man! Killing him off a major mistake. And it was left open in the worst way. I’m sure the writers are building up to something with that, concerning Karen. Perhaps having killed someone, could drive her to getting hooked on drugs?! The Biggest, probably Godzilla sized mistake they made in this season. Was killing off BEN URICH.. THE MAN WHO REPORTS ON DAREDEVIL! How the hell do you go with killing off such a key character in the world of Daredevil!?? HOW?! That pissed me the fuck off, so badly! I think that was the real moment I started to really hate Karen!! My goodness gracious! Why Ben? Why!?

Overall.. A fantastic show! I honestly can’t wait for season two, next year. And if JESSICA JONES, LUKE CAGE, and IRON FIST are as good as DAREDEVIL.. I see a very bright future for the Marvel/Netlix Universe!

So, until next time folks… Peace out!

YO!! Wasabi folks! It’s me, The Speculating Nerd.. They don’t know I’m here, so let me make this quick.. I got some thoughts on DD season 2!  1: Vaneesa is gonna come back to Hell’s Kitchen as the Queenpin, with Fisk helping her from behind bars. 2: Fisk will face trial and will have either Foggy and Matt represent him! Or Only one of them! (That would make for some very interesting drama!) 3; BULLSEYE! 4: LADY BULLSEYE! 5: Karen goes away.. 6: Karen dies! (What?!? I guy can dream!) 7: More HAND Ninjas! 8:

HEY!! What are you doing on MY BLOG?!?

Fuck!! Gotta go peeps! PEACE!!…….

.. The hell was He doing on my blog?!



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