We will most likely never, ever, get a MK vs SF video game.. In our lifetime at least. So why not have our own little game to determine which Franchise is the best!

Those of you who remember The Monday Match-Ups Tag Team Tournament from earlier this year. The same basic rules apply.

CHOOSING A CHARACTER:Those who participate in the Tournament, will choose a SINGLE CHARACTER to represent them. That character will also represent which side that person is fighting for! FOR EXAMPLE!  Good pals of mine, @ozzyugi chooses SCORPION to be his character, and @nazeavan chooses RYU to be her character. That means, @nazeavan is representing STREET FIGHTER and @ozzyugi is representing MORTAL KOMBAT. Only one character per participant! FAIR WARNING: CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTERS WISELY! RESULTS OF EACH BATTLE WILL RELAY SOLELY ON HOW MANY FAV’s or RT’s YOU GET!




A total of 16 fighters will be chosen and  placed into two brackets of 8 seats. The MK BRACKET and The SF BRACKET. The first  round will be set up randomly.  To prevent MK characters and SF characters from facing each other at the Championship. Fighters will face off in there own brackets. So that by the end of it all, It’ll be MK vs SF! The best vs the best! (It wouldn’t make sense if RYU fought KEN at the end of a MK vs SF tournament, now would it!?)

BONUS ROUNDS!! Now this is new! At Random intervals I will tweet out “BONUS ROUND!!” The bonus round will be a tag team bout. Anyone can play! Even if your character has been eliminated already. How do you get in to the bonus round? After I make the tweet, be the first to tweet me back or Direct Message me and your character will team with another character to face off with another team of fighters! NOTE: YOU CAN NOT CHANGE YOUR CHARACTERS IN THE BONUS ROUND!

THE STAKES! The winner will get full bragging rights of being the MK vs SF tournament champion! Their name in The hall of fame along with MONDAY MATCHUPS TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT DIVISION CHAMP @Geometrick1589 and MONDAY MATCHUPS TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT CHAMPION @SuperheroSteel (Formerly known as @GenteelSteel) NOTE: there is no actual Hall of Fame.. But it’s the thought that counts! ALSO! the Franchise you represented stakes the claim of overall BEST FIGHTING GAME!

So.. That should just about cover it.. Oh! Wait. Please submit a picture of the character you choose. Saves me some time in hunting the pics myself.

Alright then! That’s it! Hope you folks like the idea, and the tournament begins as soon as I have the 16 fighters needed to complete the brackets! SO GET CHOOSING!!

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