This was a Twitter Tournament for the ages.. Or at least the, weirdest, perhaps? Chuck-full of big names from both Franchises.. And some very.. Not so known! (Like DAN, and SEAN for example)


THE MORTAL KOMBAT BRACKET!image (Even I joined in the festivities!)

It was a very fun and funny experience. Met some really cool individuals and got closer to those I’ve known for a while now, and I learned that a lot of people care more about MK then they do SF! I mean.. Wow! There were more votes for MK fights then SF fights. (Something I should delve deeper into on another blog!)

I set the fights up at total random for the first round. Once that was done, winners were based completely on the votes. To make things a little more interesting. I came up with THE BONUS ROUND! Where I team up the first four people to text me back at random and set them against each other.. To sweeten things a little more. I added a 5Point Bonus Reward to the winners of The Bonus Round. Points they could carry over in to their next battle. It was actually kind of fun!

By the end of it all… Only one person stood above the rest of the fighters.. Wait! Did I say person? I meant One THUNDER GOD stood above the rest..


Good friend, Great Tweeter and  All around awesome Nerdett @VJnira reigned supreme! Her character RAIDEN fried his competition one after another, From SHAO KHAN to NOOB SAIBOT to SCORPION and then finally proving that MK is the Superior Fighter He defeated KEN of STREET FIGHTER!

So, a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to @VJnira if your not following her on Twitter! What the fuck is the matter with you!?! Find her and follow her! She’s awesome and posts some of the best stuff you’ll ever see on Twitter!

That being said.. Also go follow all These other awesome people on twitter! @THE1stBat @Angeldadino @Anarchyanthon @Call_me_ep1c @lulusketches @THENF @RomanFinetti @BIGJERM95 @DarmodyMichael @ozzyugi @Rae_Holidayy @Devibunnysan @3469761fecb8417 and @KidmanMankino A very heartfelt THANK YOU! Goes out to all of them! For making the Tournament such an awesome ride! And I hope they join in on the next one!

That’s about it folks! Thx for reading. Please follow me on twitter, @sgsonny70 Instagram @marvel_inc2099 and YouTube The Marvel Inc. Show! (It’s a work in progress!)

Until next time folks… Peace out!


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