Great friend and all around great person @NazeaVan asked me, If I could do a TOP 10 List of Favorite Super-Villains! So I got to thinking and had a hard time narrowing down names and placing them in a difinative numerical placement…

I can not! SO, here’s my TOP 10 Favorite Villains… IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER!



How do you take a one-dimensional, psychopathic, murderuos Robot from the comics, and make him in to a likeable Murderous psychopathic Robot!? He have him voiced by James SPADER! One of the many bright spots in the latest AVENGERS movie. I enjoyed his role in the film so much, I chose to put him on my list!



Another murdering psychopath! Cletus Cassidy, aka CARNAGE makes it to this list because of the shear amount of menace and intrigue he used to bring, in every Issue he was featured in! Maximum Carnage being the premier story line that he is associated to. He was a very unique Villain in the ranks of Spider-Man’s rouges gallery! None could match his insanity and bloodlust! It was fun reading and seeing how a hero like Spider-Man over come such an incredible threat… But that’s not to say he was the first though.

Which leads me to..



“Hey! But Venom’s a hero!?” Now he is! But before Flash Thompson and before Eddie Brock went from Anti-Hero to full fledged good guy! He was the meanest, most toughest, most dangerous Villain Spider-Man has ever had to face. A creature that could avoid is Spider-Sence, and knew everything about his personal life! Venom was Spider-Man’s most deadliest Villain of all!



Lets be honest with ourselves.. If it was not for Tom Hiddleston’s performance as Loki in the MCU.. To this day, not a whole lot of us would give two shakes of a rats ass about Loki.. At all! It’s because of him, that Loki is actually a household name. There is no denying that! I will say though.. Before THOR came out. There was a storyline called “SIEGE” and there was a One-Shot tie in issue featuring him!


In it. It explains how He is solely responsible for the entire SIEGE event! It a very good read! If your a Loki-Fan, you’ll absolutely enjoy it! TRUST ME! I’ve read it several times! He is so wickedly evil.. It’s Good! (If that makes any sense!?)



Probably The most under utilized Villain in all of Marvel, and also poorly utilized. Victor Von Doom has been so poorly represented within the live action movie world. And until recently (See current SECRET WARS) he has been very.. Uneventful! Second rate at best. If you need a reason to fall in love with DOOM and a reason to put him on your list. I suggest you look for… DR.STRANGE/DR.DOOM: TRIUMPH AND TORMENT!


If you don’t find someplace in your heart for Doom! Then there’s something wrong with you!

5. MR.FREEZE (Animated Series Version)


“I would weep.. If I still had tears to shed.” Tell me you did not read that in the same voice from the cartoon! I was first introduced to Mr. Freeze, in Batman:The Animated Series. And it is my most favorite version of him. All others pale in comparison.. Honestly.. There is no comparisons to make! No other version of Freeze could come close. Thanks to Shumacher  and Shwarzenegger, Freeze has been considered a joke, and as of lately never made it back to his former glory! Here’s hoping someday, someone would bring Freeze back.



No top ten villain list would be complete without the Clown Prince of Crime! From Comics, Cartoons and Film.. He never ceases to disappoint. I can’t wait to see Jared Leto’s interpretation of Joker in the upcoming  SUICIDE SQUAD film!



The Mutant Master of Magnetism! A revolutionary of his generation. The X-Men’s greatest adversary (and most recently their  greatest ally!) After experiencing the German massacre of the Jews first hand. He vowed he would never allow anyone to persecute, imprison, and or kill his people ever again! He vowed to protect his fellow mutants. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

2. KINGPIN (Netflix Version)


Ok.. He doesn’t exactly fit into the “Super” part of ‘Super-Villains’. But if you had asked me one year ago, if The Kingpin would be in my Top 10 list! I would have said “Hell Fucking No!” Probably Top 50 at best! That is until this year, we were presented with the incredible gift of Vincent D’onofrio! Who revolutionized the character of Wilson Fisk for generations to come. That reason alone, is what puts Kingpin on my list.



The Mad Titan himself! I’ve always liked Thanos. But I didn’t love him! That was until, a few years ago I read INFINITY WAR. The soft cover collected edition. It featured a number of Tie-in story’s and add-ins. Two in particular, focused on his relationship with GAMORA! And it was those stories that made me LOVE Thanos! The more I read into his story the more I cared. Then, awhile back, I got my hands on.. THANOS: RISING!


A look into how Thanos came to be known as THE MAD TITAN! I’m not going to spoil it.. But you HAVE to read this storyline!

There you have it folks.. My Top Ten! Hope you liked it. Who’s in your top ten? Who did I leave out? Hit me up, comment below, and all that other yada yada yada!

So, until next time folks… Peace out!


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