“After a very embarrassing wardrobe malfunction while performing for the President of the Unites States. The Barden Bella’s are suspended from Colligent Acapella competitions. To redeem themselves and get a chance to get their suspension lifted. The Girls enter the Worlds Acapella Championships.. All they have to do is beat the 9 Times Undefeated German Champions.. No preassure… Right?!?”

I’m Β gonna try and not spoil too much of this film for you folks. But, if you have not seen the first PITCH PERFECT.. I highly suggest you do that before you see part 2. Not only because you’ll be lost as to who the characters are.. But also because, it’s freaking awesome!!

I LOVED Pitch Perfect 2! Its So very enjoyable. Funnier then the first. Elizabeth Banks is not only a comedic genious. But also shows tremendous directing talent!(This being, her directorial debut) The script itself was a little so-so, but more on that in a moment. First, lets talk about the Cast!


Almost everyone is back for this second installment. Plus Two new cast members.


Chrissie Fit and Hailee Steinfeld, (as Flo and Emily respectively.) Hailee stands out the most. Not only because she is one of the main character plot lines in the film.. And not just because she has a really awesome singing voice.. But mostly because I am totally crushing on her right now!..


She freaking Hot!!

But I digress! There are several really cool and funny cameos and guest stars in the film as well. Keegan Michael Key, being the best and The Green Bay Packers being the most surprising. This of course being her first movie she directed. Elizabeth Banks has some slips ups.. Mostly in the editing department. And there are some scenes that are just completely unnecessary. Which takes me to what I didn’t like about the film!

Even in the trailer, there is a big sense of finality in this movie. Which is what it felt like. By the end of it all. I felt like I had just watched Pitch Perfect 3! And I had somehow missed a whole other movie in the middle. That could be blamed on the script. But, it felt like there was a Pitch Perfect 2 somewhere else.. And I missed it!the first one centered on Main Character Beca (Anna Kendrick) and her freshman year with the Bella’s. fast forward four years and the gang is headed for graduation! Seriously?! There could have been one other film to showcase these awesome ladies and their talents for song and smart slapstick comedy.

The fact that it feels like a third swan song film. Does not tarnish how great it is! The movie does somewhat leave it open for a third installment. With Emily (The beautiful Hailee Stienfeld! 😍😍) Becoming the lead and hopefully a brand new cast of characters will join her on new adventures. At least, that’s my hope for this franchise. I don’t want it to overstay its welcome, with a shit load of crappy sequals and spinoffs like another franchise did.. (American Pie!) But I would like at least one more good solid Pitch Perfect!

Great Cast, Really good Direction, Really funny, but a script that left me feeling I had missed something.. I give PITCH PERFECT 2! (Scale of 1-10) 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 out of 10! A Must Watch!

Hope you enjoyed today’s movie review! Hav you already seen the film? Let me know your thoughts. Or just share some comments down below or hit me up at the usual places! Thank You!

So, Until next time folks… Peace out!


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