Great Pal, @Malevolent14 hit me up on twitter and requested that I do a Video Game Review on my favorite Video Game. So then he asked, “Whats your favorite Video Game?” To which I responded “BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY”! And so.. Here. We. Go!



Uhm.. Thank you Kanye?! I guess?.. How the fuck did he get here?! (I gotta beef up security in here!) I am, however, obliged to agree with the raving lunatic. But the review can’t literally end there.

Indeed. By all accounts, BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY is (to date) the greatest Superhero based video game ever made! (We’re still waiting for Arkham Knight.) The argument could be made for it being up there with the greatest games of all time. Along with those from the Zelda Series, Mario, Call of Duty, Metal Gear and more!


Its pretty rare when a Video Game sequel could surpass its predecessor by leaps and bounds! In this case. I mean it out does ARKHAM ASYLUM In All categories. Such as. Gameplay, Graphics, Difficulty, Story, Repetablity (“Is that even a word?”- ‘I Think He Means To Say, Replayiblity’- “Is THAT even a word?!?”- ‘I Believe It Is!’- “Well, I’m not so sure about that!” ) GUYS! Please! I’m trying to do a review here! (‘Sorry.’- “yeah! please continue to make up words. don’t let us stop you!”) THANK YOU!

As I was saying.. ARKHAM CITY took what made ASYLUM so great, Such as Combat Systems, and Compelling Story, and made them even Better and more Imersive then before. Lets go down the list, shall we?! (“Here he goes with his ‘Lists’ again” – ‘Oy-Vey!’)


THE STORY: Taking place about roughly a year or a few months after ASYLUM. The asylum on Arkham Island has been shut down after Jokers breakout (or break in) and the inmates are moved in to a walled off portion of Gotham City, that had been devastated by an earthquake some time back. Fearing its inhabitants could easily kill each other or Worse! break out and terrorize neighboring Gotham. Batman goes inside to investigate, Just exactly what is going on behind ‘Arkham City’ and what is PROTOCOL TEN! While he does that. He must also figure out a cure for the poison that Joker infected him with!


A poison that just so happens to be killing Joker himself! The story just goes deeper from there on in. With several side missions and challenges to keep you occupied along the way. Not only that.


But CATWOMAN is also a key side story to the game and a welcome change from the first. Allowing you to take control of another character through the story mode. (An interesting and entertaining concept that I hope is used in Arkham Knight) Asylum was awesome. While it allowed you to explore The Asylum and its surrounding buildings on the Arkham Island.. You were still restrained to just The Island! While City, on the other hand, literally gave you a WHOLE CITY to explore. Which is truly spectacular!


GRAPHICS AND GAMEPLAY: I will say this. The 3d graphics were a bit of an adjustment for me to handle. But overall! It was a nice step up from an already visually stunning game such as Asylum. The City’s rendering was beautifully done. The Combat System was in fact the same two button combo masher. But the incorporation of using the gadgets during your combos was genius! The Combo’s are so much more smoother then in Asylum, which in comparison feels very heavy to perform and execute. (Watching AK’s gameplay of the combat system, same buttons.. But my god! It looks smother then water!) The Side Missions were a welcome addition from the first. Including Riddlers trophys and riddles. I hated Zazaz and his damn phone calls though. They came at such improper times during the game. They became so annoying! The bonus “Harley Quinn’s Revenge” story was really cool. But by the end of it, fell a little flat for me.

SIDE MISSIONS/EASTER EGGS: I include this catogorey because of Two of the interesting side story’s and easter eggs. The first goes to The “Watcher In The Wings” side mission, featuring AZREAL!image

Once the mission was completed. Azreal tells Batman that a Great War was coming. And that Gotham would burn in its fire. Which, in hindsight, could elude to events that could take place in Arkham Knight! The second, is the Scarecrow easter egg.


Outside of the Jokers territory. On one of the boats that lay adrift on the water. If you activate the Frequency device, you get a signal code that you need to solve. Once solved, a secret door opens leading to the bottom of the boat.


Inside is Scarecrows lab, and a dead henchmen that he  experimented his latest fear toxin on. Another lead in to Arkham Knight, perhaps? (‘A shit ton of people already figured that Easter egg out thx to YouTube! So your not telling anyone anything new!’) I figured as much, but you don’t need to point it out. As I was saying! Several of the other side missions were pretty cool except for the Zazaz one.. I hated that one!


RIDDLER’S CHALLENGES/TROPHES: Were another fun addition to the game. [I still just need one more, myself to finish the whole thing. And get that last trophy!]


THE BONUS CONTENT: THE FUCKING SUITS ARE FUCKING AWESOME!!! And the Character Trophies are also really cool too!

Overall the Game is a true masterpiece. From beginning to end! I give, BATMAN:ARKHAM CITY a  perfect score of 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟out of 10!

(‘Listening to you go on and on about this game, makes ne want to play it again’- “Indeed! Me Too!”) Then what are we waiting for?! Lets go play Arkham City!!… Oh! Almost forgot!

Hope you folks enjoyed this review! (‘Was it a review?’) If you got any thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to let me know!

So, Until next time folks… Peace out!



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