“What Went Wrong With.. MCU’s Phase 3?!” I know what your thinking.. “Your a stupid prick that don’t know shit! Shut up!!” And your thoughts and opinions are indeed valied.. But! There are just a few things that I feel went wrong with the whole Phase 3 thing.. So, give me a moment to explain. (I’ll try and keep this as short as possible.)



We know the end game! Granted, Marvel is not the only company to have announced its upcoming movie slate. (But we are discussing Marvel at the moment.) Whatever happened to the element of surprise!? Don’t get me wrong.. I am beyond stoked for what’s to come. But I would have been just as happy if they gave us just a little at a time. [“But we don’t know, EXACTLY, what’s going to happen in each individual movie.”] True! But now we know that half these people are going to make it to that end. Now, we have nothing to keep us guessing. It’s all laid out there for us. [“So What?! Who cares!? What’s you stupid ass point?!?”] How can I put this.. It’s like this. You meet a Girl (or Guy) and you dig this person. I mean you like them a lot! Your  talking. Your enjoying each others company. Everything’s all good. And you haven’t even done the dirty yet. And you can’t wait to get to that level. And that’s part of the adventure, isn’t it? ‘Oh boy! I can’t wait to see what you look like under all that!’ But imagine.. First few weeks of courtship and stuff. Your practically on board. But then BAM! That person sends you a picture of themselves full Monty!! Nothing left to the imagination… Now. I don’t know about you folks? But I kinda find that as a bit of a turn off.. Like.. Fuck! Yeah it’s nice to look at. But now I got nothing to look forward to.. It’s all out there and sure! I’ll hit it.. But now there’s nothing for me to look forward too. Something has been taken away. The ending has been Spoiled!!

Shit.. Maybe I used the wrong analogy! My bad folks! (‘Im sure they get the idea though.’) Hope so.



“Breaking News: Marvel Studios has reacquired  the movie rights to Spiderman.”

What??? Yes! Yes! Yes! Dear god yes! It’s finally happened! Welcome Home Spidey!!

“In Partnership with Sony Pictures..”

Whohoo- wait! What?!?

“Marvel and Sony will share distribution rights..”

Come Again?!

“With Marvel Studios helping Sony to produce a New Slate of Spiderman Films, that will coincide with the Marvel Cinematic Universe…”

Your Shitting me Right?!

“In exchange for Sony granting Marvel rights to use Spiderman.. Sony is allowed to incorporate Marvel Characters into their Spiderman Films!”

SON OF A MOTHER FUC>£*!{¥!{*€]?\+!}>%]! ……… #>\¥+|!*]!={!|>\€]¥,•=+\$@&;!!!!!!!!!!

Which leads me to..



It’s like.. “You had me at hello.. And then you decided to take a shit on my shag carpet! So go fuck yourself!”

You announce your entire Movie slate for the next 4 years, getting me excited for films like..




To come out on set dates. Why, oh, Why?! Will you then turn around and say, “Sorry! We gotta push our most anticipated films, that no one has seen before, back by a few years. For something that everyone HAS seen before and we don’t have full ownership of!” What The Serious Fuck Marvel?!?


Now, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE! Spiderman.. But it really is truly unnessecary for  Marvel to take Spiderman “back” with such stupid stipulations behind it. Marvel should have left its focus on New Characters and Stories to put to the fore front! Not take a step backwards and re-present us with a Character we’ve seen 5 previous times before. The last two being pure shit on a stick. But we haven’t seen Black Panther yet, We Haven’t seen Captain Marvel Yet, We haven’t seen Doctor Strange yet! But we have to wait longer for them to come. Because you wanted to Sqeeze 1, count it folks, O. N. E, ONE! Spiderman film! Marvel should have left it alone. Let Sony fail, and within a few years.. Spidey would have came right back! No muss, no fuss!

Thats it folks! Thats what I believe, “WHAT WENT WRONG WITH.. MARVEL’S PHASE 3!”

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So, Until next time folks… Peace out!


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