Hey there Ladies and Gentelnerds! I’m back to discuss with you the whole halabalo over the recent casting of Spider-Man and the public outcry over the fact that its not Miles Morales!


As all of you may remember. THIS 👆 was the short list of Actors up for contention in the role of Spider-Man.. That’s a lot of White Bread right there,I tell you what.

And after a “Long and Extensive Search” Marvel Studios has chosen, Tom Holland.

image(Another Brit, if I’m not mistaken?!)

And of course.. My fellow Nerds and Nerdettes were kinda pissed! So I got to thinking.. Why all this hate for Peter Parker!? Why is there such a rush for Miles Morales?!


Sure! We are in desperate need of some diversity in the Comic Book Movie World.. But we can’t just toss aside the Original! The One that starts it all! Peter Parker IS Spider-Man.. Miles is also Spider-Man.. But Peter Parker IS And ALWAYS will BE, Spider-Man! I think it is best that Marvel… (Sigh) and Sony, Start with Peter Parker. IF Sony is serious about expanding its Spider-Universe. They need to figure out how to do it right! With Marvel setting it all up for them.. It shouldn’t be so hard.

“But We’ve seen Peter Parker so many times already! It’s time for a change!!”


That is undeniable. But you can’t start at the middle of a story and expect everyone to know what the heck is going on! There would be no Miles, if not for a Peter! And to be a little honest and blunt.. Not a lot of people, at least those who are not in to our world of comics, Know who Miles Morales is! Those who do know.. Is only because we shove him in everybody’s face! “Look!! This is the first ever Half Black, Half Latino Spiderman!! He’s fucking awesome!! Read his book!!”

Peter Parker’s Spider-Man is on the level of Batman and Superman Recognition, around the world! Allow me to put it this way.. (Something I picked up while watching my favorite YouTube movie show, “AMC MOVIE TALK”)

I did some research *GASP!!!!!!* yea, yea, yea.. I DID do some research.. In the month of April.. Of THIS year (2015) according to


‘COMICHRON: THE COMICS CHRONICLES’ (Comichron.Com) Which basis it’s Sales figures according to Diamond Comic Distributors, The leading Comic Shop Supplier in North America. As of April, an issue of ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN:Miles Morales comics, sold roughly 29,300+ Copies.


If you go on the website, and trace back to January of this year, up till April. You’ll most likely see USM:MM selling a steady 30-40,000 plus copies a month.. That means, just about.. I don’t know.. 60,000+ Comic Book readers know who he is. That Covers about, less then half of the Movie Going Audience. Which is the MAIN part, the Movie Studios want to get into the seats. They don’t really care about us. Cause in fact.. If it was solely up to us 60+Thousand.. A USM:MM movie would only make, that much in the Box office. While the Studio put 100+Million into making it! That would be a HUGE flop!

That being said.. Lets look at Amazing Spider-Man’s sales..


Also in the Month of April, an Issue of Amazing Spider-Man, sold about 99,300+ copies. I’m no math wiz.. But that’s triple Miles’s sales(right?!?.. Seriously, is it Triple?!) HELL! Tracking back to January.. SPIDER-GWEN sells better then Both Spider-Men!(But more on that Shortly!)

Peter Parker/Spider-Man is an established brand. There’s no ifs, ands, or butts about it!

HOWEVER!! This does NOT mean that we can NEVER get a Miles Morales film in the near future! It truly is a matter of doing it CORRECTLY!

If Marvel Studios sets up the proper Spider-Unviverse for SONY to work with.. AND most importantly.. IF Sony could dig its head out of its fat ass! They can follow up on what Marvel provides them. I believe an expanded Spider-Universe can happen.



Marvel re-introduces us to Spider-Man, within the MCU. Establish him in to the world with appearances here and there. Get us used to the new guy and the new status quo, per say. Hand him over back to Sony, with your first film, lay the ground work for a massive SPIDER-U EVENT! Oh, I don’t know.. Something like.. “EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE” kind of event!


That way.. You can introduce every possible Spider-Man (or Woman) you could think of. Most importantly,



SPIDER-GWEN (Gwen Stacy)  image







and (perhaps) SPIDER-MAN 2099!


The beautiful thing about the world of Spider-Man, and what could separate it from the rest of the MCU, Is the fact that, Each Franchise could exist within its own universe!


There really is no need to cram all these characters into one single timeline, or universe. There is so much potential in an idea like this.. I just hope Sony don’t fuck it up in the process! Or at the very least.. Don’t fuck up Spider-Man at all!!

I hope I made some kind of sense to you folks.. I would really like to hear your thoughts on this. SUBSCRIBE and  Comment below, Hit me up on Twitter or Instagram. Thank you for your time folks!

So, Until next time folks… Peace Out!


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