WONDER WOMAN AND CAPTAIN MARVEL: Coming Soon, and What Huge Responsibilty They Have!

Wasn’t that just so damn adorable!?!! I knew I wanted to do an article on The Upcoming WONDER WOMAN and CAPTAIN MARVEL films.. But I didn’t know what to write about.. And then I remembered that little video of the baby watching MAN OF STEEL. Then I got to thinking..

“Could the Captain Marvel, or Wonder Woman movies. Have that same effect on little girls?!”


As a young Man. I do contemplate the idea, of one day having children with that special woman. And of course, those thoughts tend to focus on what if I had a Baby Girl!? I would hope, that. In the future. I too, could sit my daughter on my lap. Pop in Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman on DVD, and SHE! Would have that same reaction.. Like “Wow! Look at that! Hey.. That could be me!”


I honestly believe that, That, should be MARVEL’s and DC’s thought process while making these movies. “How can we make these movies.. Not only, get butts in the seats, and entertain.. (Which is what they are made for!) But how can we take this opportunity to inspire a new generation of Young Women and Girls!?!


Now, I’m not claiming that it’s their moral job to be preachy and shit. I’m not being overly naive or optimistic or whatever the ‘proper’ word is. I just humbly believe they should consider the real audience. And I don’t mean us geeks and nerds and movie buffs.. I mean the Young Ones.


Think about it… Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel are the greatest female heroes of all time! (WW is clearly  the Queen Bee. But Marvel is trying very hard to push Captain to that level!)  And This is the first time ever We get REAL Female Heroes on the big screen. (And NO! I don’t count Mila Jovavich and the RE movies.. Or Ultra Violet, or Aon Flux.. Or… Uhm.. FUCK! SEE!! THIS IS WHY WE NEED MORE FEMALE HERO MOVIES!!) It’s important that the Film Studios get it right.


DC at the moment will be the first one out the gate with their film. I’m not exactly stoked with the actress they have.. But I’m hopeful that they know what they are doing, and hope they do a great movie! Captain Marvel has yet to be cast, but I am also hopeful that Marvel will get it right.. Hopefully!


I don’t mean to get all preachy. I just feel like… The next generation of Young Woman, Deserve something better. Something that would truly inspire them in more ways then one!

If and when I get my little girl.. I hope I’ll have something worth showing her.. Something we would both be proud of watching together.

Thats gonna do it for me. I would really like to hear your thoughts on this.. Are you a parent? How do you feel? Please subscribe to the blog. Comment below or hit me up on Twitter or Instagram. Thank you for your time folks!

So, Until next time Folks… Peace out!


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