I wouldn’t call myself, a Die Hard ROCKY fan. But! I am a Fan! I have seen all of them (except the last one, ROCKY 17: ROCKY ON MARS) I do enjoy them and watch them whenever given the chance. That being said.. just judging from this trailer alone, (of course, the movie could suck major Donkey Balls..) But, just based off the trailer.. We should have gotten THIS MOVIE.. A long ass time ago! But considering that we wouldn’t have a talent like, Micheal B. Jordan starring in it.. I’m glad we’re getting the movie now.


Most likely taking place a few years after the last Rocky Movie, (ROCKY 26: The Quest For Mic!) “CREED” Tells the story of Apollo Creed’s, estranged Son, Adonis Creed. And showing his “Rocky-esq” rise from Nothing to Champion. The film is helmed  by the same director who filmed Michael B. Jordan in the critically  acclaimed film, “Fruitville Station” (A film in which, Many claim, should have garnered Michael an Academy  Award Nomination) These two teaming once more, could spell another chance at Gold.


For the average movie goer, who doesn’t really follow the happenings of upcoming films. Could have been pleasantly surprised to see Rocky Balboa himself come in toward the end of the trailer. Like, “Wait, What?! This is a Rocky Spin-off?!? That’s supposed to be Apollo’s Son?! Holy Shit!” Which was a positive for the trailer. It established itself as its own movie. Before revealing that its a part of an established franchise.


The movie looks like it gonna be really good. I actually hope it is. And if it is! I look forward to a rather good Trilogy.. And I do mean, TRILOGY! Lets learn from past mistakes and stop at 3! (I’m looking at you ROCKY 5-200)

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So, Until Next Time Folks… Peace Out!


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