And in Geek it is also known as, “The Nerdgasm Overload Center!”

Ok! I know it’s not! Can’t blame a guy for trying to start a trend!

Anywho.. Ladies and gentelnerds! We are, roughly, a week removed from, “SAN DIEGO COMIC CON INTERNATIONAL!” Where geeks of all Shapes and Sizes, Clear Skined and Achned, Creeds and Religion, All Types, Converge to see What’s Hot, Whats New and Whats to Come.

In this here blog, I’ll try and convey some of my thoughts on what stood out to me! Lets start with..



For the first time since its inception in 2008/09. MARVEL STUDIOS  and THE MCU did not dominate ‘HALL H’. In fact, Marvel Studios didn’t go at all! Marvel Comics was there.. But that’s it. Realizing that they could draw more buzz on their own with their “Marvel Event” it would appear Marvel Studios was like, ‘Fuck it! We got this on our own. We don’t need to spend a shit load of cash (Not that that would be a problem for them.) to rent out HALL H. We can spend half that amount to rent an entire theater and showcase our own shit whenever we want!’ OR! We can take in to account. As of right now. Marvel Studios is set to be in production of up to Two to Three Films a year, for the next 3 or 4 years. A huge order for a single company. So, they may have a lot on their plate at the moment. However, some sort of extra push could have been put in to promoting ANTMAN.. But, I’m just saying.



The SW panel (Which you can see, if you already haven’t, in the link below!) Didn’t have a lot of new things to show us. Except a really cool behind the scenes featurette, which showcased just some of the awesome things that went behind creating and combining the Practical and Digital Effects that are in the film. And also, gave us a glimpse of what Simon Peg’s cameo role will be. The panel itself was really cool. Seeing the new cast. Getting small insights into who they were playing and  what their characters are about. Noticeable absences of Andy Serkis and And seeing, for the first time in who knows how many years, the original Trinity, of Luke, Han and Leia together on the same stage. Was truly awesome! Don’t take my word for it.. Check it out!



The Legendary Kevin Smith, accompanied by his lovely daughter Harley Quinn Smith, Debuted the trailer for his latest Film ‘YOGA HOSERS’ the second in his True North Triliogy. (Soon to be followed by “MOOSE JAWS!” Which is just ‘Jaws’, But with a Moose!) unfortunately that trailer has not yet been released as of this time that I am writing this article. Yoga Hosers is, relatively, a spin off of the delightfully twisted TUSK. (In which a man played by Justin Long is transformed, in the worst possible way, into a Walrus. If you have not yet seen Tusk… The fuck is wrong with you!?)The film stars the aforementioned Harley Quinn Smith and Lilly Rose Depp, Reprissing their roles from Tusk, as two store Clerks, who happen upon a mystery and battle some creepy Monsters. I honestly can’t wait for This movie. If its as Fun and fucked up as Tusk was.. I’m so there!



“AHH!! IM SO TOUCHING MYSELF TONIGHT!!” The Deadpool trailer alone stole the whole Fox Studios Comic Con Panel. Although that trailer is also unavailable at the moment. However, there is a bootleg version circling the web. I prefer mine to be Hi-Def. The X-Men panel was also very enjoyable. If you care to see Those panels, Check out the links below…

And finally.. After so many years of So-So panels and presentations and coming in as número 2! (Behind Marvel of course)… This years comic con belonged to DC and WB PICTURES! And to them I say.. image

Starting with…



It certainly wasn’t the best panel. The cast and the Director, David Ayer, came on stage. Said their hello’s to the crowd. Did a Suicide Squad cheer and Will Smith made a quick statement, regarding how hard they are working to bring us the best film ever. And off they went. BUT! Finally, we got to see what they had so far, presented to us in a pretty badass trailer! (More on that trailer in another blog. A “TRAILER REVIEW!” Perhaps.. Stay Tuned) Then.. We got the best thing ever!


OH! GOD, YES!! The trailer we deserved long ago! (Won’t go in to the trailer here.. That’s for another blog.) It really made the night and surprisingly stole the spotlight from Deadpool. The Panel itself was okay. It was really cool to actually HEAR from the cast.. Instead of them just standing there and waving. Here’s the panel, in case you haven’t seen it…

Although I consider DC/WB the winners of COMIC CON 2015, I do feel they could have done just a little more to truly own the Weekend! Marvel always makes a grand spectacle each year they are there. Im Not saying that DC needs to send someone out dressed like a character and make show. But they could have done something to make them really stand out from the rest. Besides relying on some trailers. AWESOME TRAILERS.. But still just trailers.

Sorry this took so long to get to you folks. Hope you enjoyed it, and would love to hear your thoughts. I got some pretty cool things coming up here on the blog. So, stay tuned. Thank you all for your patience.

So, Until next time folks… Peace out!



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