OH. My. God. Yes!! FINALLY! That’s what we’ve been waiting for all this time! Not bullshit photos and half ass teasers. (Although I actually enjoyed that teaser..) BUT THIS ONE… I can cum all over it without feeling any regret about it later on.


DC/WB would bend over backwards to convince us that This is not a MAN OF STEEL sequal. But the trailer itself kinda presents it as such. Needless to say, BvS picks up after the events of MOS. Roughly a year or so later, and Superman must answer for his actions on that day. With the whole world literally split in so many ways. There are those that see him as a god, Others a threat, and so on and so forth.

What we do get out of this trailer. Is the reason behind why Batman wants to kick Supermans ass!




PEOPLE FUCKING DIED!! In that battle Superman had with Zod. One could assume, that these scenes represent a flashback the Batman is having. Showing that he was there during the events of MOS.

Such Raw and incredible power does not belong on Earth. So Batman comes out of ‘retirement’. Starts kicking ass and taking names, and making his presence known.


Any number of things could play a factor in to how and why these two start going head to head. Lex Luthor,


probably being the main.. Driving force, that sets them up against each other. The trailer kinda showcases him as the manipulator behind everything.


WONDER WOMAN is up  in this bitch too! Clearly she’s kicking some ass in this trailer.. But, Who or  What’s Ass it is! Is still under question. It could be safe to assume that she is helping Batman take on Superman.. But I don’t think it’s that Simple.

At this time I would like to invite someone else to give their unique look at this trailer.. So, folks. Please welcome.. The Speculating Nerd! (Don’t make me regret this..)

YO!!!!! WHAT UP BITCHES!! (Indoor voice please.) Oh.. Ok.. Uh.. So, Bam! Lets start with this..

imageZOD’S DEAD BODY!! My Speculating Senses  are Jizzing! Something tells me.. That Senator chick from the Start of the trailer, being a ‘government official’. Has her hands on the body. Only to hand it over to Luthor. Lex! Could take it upon himself to do some testing.. And somehow… Create…. BIZZARO! That’s right! I said Bizzaro! I don’t think we are getting Doomsday just yet! That would be a little too soon for my taste. Sure! Plenty of people out there want DD.. But this just might be. I don’t know… STUPID on the part of DC/WB to bring out SUPERMAN’s most deadliest foe so soon. I mean, Talk about blowing your load before you see her naked? Am I right?… Am I right?!

Then there’s THIS…


JOKER FUCKING KILLED ROBIN!! Word is floating that Snyder’s son would be appearing as Robin.. Hopefully in a flashback where he’s getting beaten down with a crowbar! RED HOOD IS OUT THERE PEOPLE!! If they don’t do a live action retelling of ‘Under The Red Hood’ in the stand alone Batman films.. DC/WB would be fucking stupid!

And THIS..


HOLY FUCK!! He’s flying around with the Grapneling Gun!! I will stay by my word.. I do not like the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman.. I’m not happy about it! And I will continue to be unhappy.. UNTIL! He proves me otherwise! BUT!… I will tell you this.. Mark my words.. THIS WILL BE THE BEST INTERPRETATION OF “THE BATMAN” ON FILM… EVER! The way he moves. The way he fights. The Way he glides. The way he carries himself.. Is going to be both epic and awesome.. The acting on the other hand, is something completely different. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Thank You Speculating Nerd. Those are some interesting theories. (What!? That’s all the time I get?) Yes! And thank you again. (When will I get my own article again?!) Im not sure.. I’ll let you know. (Ok.. PEACE, BITCHES!!! SPEC NERD.. OUT!)

Okay.. Overall. An awesome trailer! A nice little something to hold us over until March 2016! I can’t wait!


Hope you folks enjoyed this Trailer Review of BATMAN v. SUPERMAN:DAWN OF JUSTICE! Let me know your thoughts. Is there something I or The Speculating Nerd missed? Let me know! Thanks for reading. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!

So, Until next time folks… Peace out!


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