SAY WHAAAA??!! That was sweet! Super sweet! For a long time now, I have been more excited for SUICIDE SQUAD, then I was for BvS. This trailer just strengthens my anticipation.


Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) has finally assembled TASK FORCE X aka THE SUICIDE SQUAD. “Lets just say I tossed them in to a hole and threw away the hole” And then we meet the Squad, in a series of quick vignettes.


Everything that was shown.. Was great! I loved it! I’m excited! But lets call it what it is.. A Teaser! Not a Trailer. BvS was a Trailer. It gave us a look at some of the story and where the people in the film are at within the story. The Suicide Squad Teaser, basically just tells us the very basic premise.. It’s a group of bad guys, forced against their will, to work for the government and try to save the world.


The whole Teaser was a bunch of random action shots that really didn’t explain what the story was about and who and why they were doing what they were doing. THE KEY selling point to this Teaser though… Was HARLEY and JOKER!



Harley was a focal point throughout this teaser. Probably, one can assume that she and the Joker are key players in the story. And it could be safe to say that Joker IS the villain of the film. (And Jared Leto is going to rock this version, HIS VERSION, of the Joker!) And Margot Robbie is such a delight! She’s gonna truly bring Harley to life and I can’t wait to see her!

In closing. Although, this is just a teaser, it was still freaking awesome! And I can’t wait for the full Trailer! I’m excited.. Bring it on!

I hope you enjoyed my review. Let me know your thoughts. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! Thank You for Reading!

So, until next time folks… Peace out!



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