Im going to try and make this as short as possible. Cosmic Book News should know better then to run such a stupid ass story such as this! If it IS true! AXEL BRAUN, the producer of these porn parodies, needs to get something straight… RONDA ROUSEY IS A FUCKING ATHLETE OF THE HIGHEST CALIBER!! THE GREATEST FIGHTER OF OUR TIME!!!! Not some down on her luck woman that sees no other way of making ends meet, other then to sell her body, or some nympho who gets her jollies from doing what she does best!

Absouloutly no disrespect is meant toward porn stars.. Lets be honest.. I watch it when the mood strikes me, so the fuck what!

But to try and get attention to whatever bullshit porn film your cooking up, by bringing up the name of one of the greatest Athletes of our time is a real douche bag move!

Take your 5 million bucks Axel Braun, and shove it up your ass!

Enough of this bull shit! And P.S… FUCK FLOYD MAYWEATHER! Ronda Rousey would own your ass for the next several lifetimes! So fuck you too!

That is all..


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