I DO NOT CLAIM ANY OWNERSHIP OVER ANY OF THE CHARACTERS THAT APPEAR WITHIN THIS STORY! THIS IS PURE, FAN FICTION. INSPIRED BY THE FILM, “PREDATORS” (Property of 20th Century Fox) AND FEATURES, ‘THE PREDATOR’ (Property of 20th Century Fox, (C, TM, R) and all that other copyright nonesense!) WOLVERINE (Property of Marvel Comics, Disney, 20th Century Fox. (C, TM, R)) THE STORY ALSO FEATURES OTHER MARVEL COMICS CHARACTER PROPERTIES! (If I list them now.. It’ll kinda Spoil some things!) I think that covers my ass right?!? Anyway.. Let the story begin… (P.S. I original wrote this back in 2012. A copy of which I still have. And it does not take place at any particular time frame in relation to any comics.)


[X-mansion- Upstate, Westchester, New York]

X-23, marches through the halls of Xavier institute. Stopping at certain rooms, asking, “Has Anyone Seen Logan?” A group of students, shrug and shake their heads, ‘No’. – “Not since Yesterday, Cheir.” Says Gambit as he toys with a deck of cards.- “Im sorry dear, I can’t say I have.” Said Storm, as she tended her garden.- “We haven’t seen that lunatic since our last danger room session!” Said Jubilee,  as a bruised and bandaged CannonBall pouts and silently agrees.- “No. But when I do, Him and I are gonna need to have some words on how he’s handeling his classes!” Says a grim faced Cyclops.- “My dear, Laura.” Beast smiles.  “As we all know and love our dear friend, Wolverine. It’s highly certain that he is probably off on one of his own little wacky adventure.” She sighs hard as she slumps into a nearby chair, “Yeah.. That’s what I was afraid of.. I hate it when he does that!” “Well freight not, my raven-haired friend. I’m sure Logan is fine and has everything under control.” He says with a kind smile and assuring wink.

Logan, awakes with a gasp! His body and head throbbing. He tried to sit up, but he could barely move. He looked down at himself, and saw his body swollen, and his skin a deep purple and blue. “Holy Fuck!” He sighed as his head dropped. “This is gonna take a minute..”

After a moment, he strained to get to his feet. As he straightened his back,  he looked around and found himself surrounded by large trees and bushes. “Way to go Logan.. Who’d you piss off this time, that they’d knock you out and dump you in the middle of nowhere?!” He thought. “Hmm, Lets see. Looks like the amazon.” He continued as he began to look around. “But the topography is all wrong, so that’s off the list. Can’t be the Botan. No way it’s Madripoor.” He decided on a direction and started to walk. “These plants and leaves are nothing like I’ve ever seen before..*Sniff, Sniff* the air… Is clearly different.. Breathable.. But different.” He came across a large hill and began to climb. “It could be the Savage Land.. Or at least a part of it I’ve never been to..” As he finally reached the top of the hill, he looks up to the sky and his jaw drops.

High above him, was the largest sun he had ever seen. Four different colored moons. Another planet not much farther from them. And millions of stars that could be seen clearly through the light blue sky. As his gaze fell to the horizon before him, large bird like creatures flew in the distance and a deep loud roar bellowed from the trees below.

“… .. Son of a Bitch… ”


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