[Previously: Wolverine awakened on an alien planet… And isn’t very happy about it!]


“Unfuckingbelieveible!!” Wolverine growled as he trudged through the jungle. His mind racing wildly. “This is great! Just fucking great! I’m on a fucking forest planet! Don’t know why, don’t know how… FUUCCKK!!!” He roared as he popped his adamantium claws and slashed a nearby tree. The tree sways, groans and crashes to the ground.

Wolverine takes a deep breath and exhales slowly. “Hold it Logan.. Save it for the asshole who brought you here.” The ground suddenly began to tremble. “Something’s coming.. Something big!” Logan raced up the nearest, tallest tree and perched himself on one of the lower branches.

A  monstrous beast stomps out of the thick forest. It was ten times the size of an elephant. It’s snout was decorated with horns and spikes. It’s large hide was covered in armor like plates. The creature lingered for a time, sniffing the ground. With a grunt it nudges the tree Logan was in, shaking it down to its roots. But Logan held firm as he waited for the beast to leave. Just then, A strange smell came to his attention. “I’m not alone up here….”

As the beast below trudged away, another came slowly crawling down from above. It’s mouth full of teeth, opened wide and a long tongue snakes out. Spit dripped from its jaws and plopped on Logan’s shoulder. He saw from the corner of his eye the droplet sizzle and steam… “Fuck.” The creature pounces, and in that split second Logan whirled around and jammed his claws in to its head. “No lunch for you pal!” Just then, a second creature leapt down at him, knocking him off the branch. “Son of a bitch!” They dropped seven feet to the ground.

He kicked the creature off of him. They turned to face each other and the creature whipped out its long tongue and ensnared Logan’s arm. The acid in its spit burned at Logan’s  jacket. “Mother fucker!!” He growled. He slashed his claws at the tongue, but it barely chipped the unnaturally thick tongue. “You gotta be shitting me?!” He continued to chop away. But the flesh of the tongue was to thick! “Argh!! This is not happening!!” The acid was now burning his skin as the tongue continued to tighten and constrict around his arm.

“Come here you little shit!!” He growled as he charged at it, but the creature was too quick. It leapt away, and yanked on Logan’s arm, causing him more pain. Logan tries to grab the tongue but the acid burns his hand and he couldn’t hold it. “You wanna eat me!?! THEN OPEN WIDE!!” He suddenly began to spin around. Forcing the tongue to wrap around his body but keeping his other arm free. This forced the creature to come closer. The burning acid caused him so much pain but he kept going. Once the creature was in reach, he rammed his claws down in to its skull. The tongue went limp and draped off him! He shaked it off as  he looked down at his swollen arm. And through his jacket, he could see his melted flesh and meat. Parts of his bones could be seen.

Sounds from above made him look up. Several more of those creatures were dropping down from the tree. They hissed and snapped thier long teeth at him. “Alright then.. Which one a ya shit bugs is next?.. COME ON!!” He roared and they suddenly turned tail and ran off! “THATS WHAT I THOUGHT!!” He called at them, spitting the ground.

A hot puff of breath washed over his back. “… That big thing is behind me, isn’t it…” He turned, and there, was the large horned beast. “Ah, Shit!” *CHOMP!* *GULP!*

The beast snorted and matched on. Suddenly, it began to stutter-step. Noises gurgled from the beasts mouth. It began to gag as it thrashed about, Knocking down trees. It coughed up bluish-green blood. It’s eyes rolled back as it toppled to its side. A long minute passes and Long Claws pierce out through the cratures neck! Logan clawed his way out of the Beasts neck. Covered in bile and blood he staggers to his feet. “Next time.. Chew.. THEN swallow.” He said as he walked away. “I gotta find a way off this rock!” He added as he removed his tattered over-cloths. Revealing his blue and yellow stripped X-Men uniform.

[INFRARED VISION: Logan’s adamantium skeleton glows bright. As different infrared filters flash.]

He uses what clean bits of clothing he had to wipe himself off. Suddenly a large explosion echoes in the distance. “That don’t sound good!” He thought… “But I gotta check it out!”

[INFRARED VISION: Logan chooses a direction and runs off, disappearing in to the thick bushes]




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