A figure, clad in green and silver armor runs through the thick brush of long grass, as he dodges a series of explosions that dart his path. Finding a large rock. He quickly dives for the ground as another explosion pushes him forward. His helmet flys off his head. His blue skin drenched in sweat and blotched with dirt. He skurries for cover behind the rock.

“Run and hide all you like Kree-Scum! Your only delaying the inevitable.” Called a deep croaky voice. The blue skinned man gathers himself and checks his weapon.

A massive green skinned man came stomping out of the thicket of trees, in to the long grassed area. “I will use your blue hide as a rug to wipe my feet!” He hollered, as his dark yellow eyes scanned the area. “Leave it to a Kree to hide and whimper like a small child!” He mocked.

“Keep talking Skrull..” Whispered the Kree. “It’ll be just as funny to see your face when I rip your heart from your chest.” Pulling out a small device, he pressed some buttons and placed it on the rock. A counter began to tick. He grabbed a nearby rock and tossed it to the side, as he rushed away in the opposite direction. The noise drew the Skrull closer. Then, *POP!* *BLAM!!* the rock exploded. The force knocking the Skrull on his back. As he started to get back up, the Kree Tackled him back down. Knocking the Skrull’s weapon from his hand. Striking him with the butt of his blaster, he pins the much larger Skrull down with his knee. “ENOUGH!! Now explain yourself Skrull! Why have you brought me here?!” “WHAT?!” The Skrull spat, as he  forced the Kree Soldier off of him. “I!? Bring you?! You dare accuse me!! It’s YOU who has to answer for this! Bringing me to this God’s forsaken planet!” And the Skrull lunged at him. “I’ve done no such thing, Skrull Slime!” The Kree shoved back and readied his weapon, but paused. His eyes, widened..

“What are you-?!?” The Skrull started as he turned to see what was behind him. 5 large lizard-like dogs stood there. Each of them had eight eyes on their heads. Each one of them focused on the two men. “More of your, Kree abominations?!” Said the Skrull. “These are not of Kree Design..” The Kree Soldier said softly as he began to back away..

The Pack Leader’s mouth opened wide, revealing three rows of sharp teeth and let out a screeching cry and the rest pounce. The Kree shoots as he retrets. The Skrull ducks and scurries under the tall grass. “My blaster.. WHERE’S MY BLASTER?!” He screamed. One of The beast pounced on his back, but he quickly tosses it off. “FLARK IT!! I need no weapon.. I AM A WEAPON!!” He hollered, out-stretching his arms in a grand manner.. But nothing happened. My hands!? I can’t… I CAN’T MORPH!!? … KREE!!!” He screamed. Another Lizard hound charged at him head-on and with a great roar, the Skrull charged right back.

Two of the other Lizard Hounds gave chase after the Kree Soldier. Firing his blaster wildly behind him at them. He lost his footing. Twisting to fall on his back, he fired at one of the Lizard Hounds, blasting a hole in its head. But his trigger finger wasn’t fast enough for the second one, that leapt up after the first one fell. It’s jaws open wide as it barreled down toward him. He closed his eyes, flinching at his coming death.

With a loud roar, Wolverine leapt out from the trees, tackling the Lizard Hound in mid-air. Plunging his claws into its side. The Kree’s eyes shot open in surprise. As he stood up he looked over his savior. “You Good?!” Wolverine asked as he stepped over the Hounds lifeless carcass. The Kree was lost for words. “Well don’t go falling all over yourself to thank me.” Wolverine said dryly. The Skrull’s scream caught their attention. Wolverine was the first to charge ahead.

When they stepped through the trees, in to the small clearing. They saw that the Skrull’s screams were not of trouble or pain, but of Rage! He tore into the last remaining Lizard Hound with his bare hands. In a fit he tossed the carcass to the ground. Spotting The Kree Soldier, he charged at him. Tackeling him to the ground. “What have you done to me!?!? Why can’t I Morph!?” He screamed at the soldier as he wrapped his hands around his neck. The Kree gasped for air, unable to answer.

“HEY! KNOCK IT OFF!!” Wolverine intervened. But the much larger Skrull knocked him back. Wolverine growled and jumped on his back. Placing one arm under the Skrull’s jaw and his fist against the side of his head, he sqeezed tight and said, “Listen! You big green baboon! Let ’em go, Now! This is your one and only warning..” Just then, *SNIKT* his claws popped out of his hand that was pressed under the Skrull’s jaw. The Skrull’s grip loosened a bit from surprise. “There’s Three more in my other hand.. Care to press your luck Bub!?” And after a moment, the Skrull let go of the Kree’s neck and Wolverine let him go.

“You should have let them kill each other, Terran!” A voice called from up a tree. They turned and saw a man sitting casually on a tree branch. He wore a rugged, yet elegant Looking armor. Swords at his sides, a blaster on his back. His jet black hair slit back in a tight ponytail. His face, scared from many battles. “Or chances of survival would have been so much better without them.” He continued.

“SHI’AR!!” The Skrull called, “I would have easily believed a Kree would be behind such underhanded treachery.. But a Shi’ar?! Your race has it a new low!” The Shi’ar smiled at these words. “You Skrull’s have such small brains, you don’t know what’s right in front of you if it spit in your face!”

“Say that to my face.” The Skrull scowled. And the Shi’ar jumped off his branch. The Skrull marched toward him. In the Blink of an eye, and a flash of silver, the Skrull was down and the Shi’ar held his sword to the Skrull’s neck. “You shall be the first to die.” He muttered. “NO!” Wolverine shouted. “Trust my words Terran! Skrull’s are a devious people. We stand a better chance without him.”

“Listen!! I don’t know you, I don’t know you! And I don’t fucking know you!! But what I DO know.. Is our best chances of figuring this shit out, is by helping each other!” The Shi’ar hesitated for a moment and backed off. Allowing the Skrull to get to his feet. “What about you, Human!?” Said the Kree, “You seem to know how to handle yourself here.. Perhaps you know more then you are telling!?” “You’d guess wrong.” Said Logan, “I woke up about, an hour ago.. Got eaten.. And heard the ruckus you two were making. So I came a running.”

“Perhaps, HE, has some answers?” Said the Shi’ar, gesturing behind them. The three men turned and saw yet another Lizard-Hound. This one much larger then the others before. It growled and snarled. “I don’t think he’s in a talkative mood, Bub!” Said Wolverine. “Not THAT!..” Said the Shi’ar. Just then, Two fists pierced through the beasts head from behind and suddenly tore the thing in half. It’s blood and entrails splashed out. “I was referring to HIM!” Standing in place of the creature, was a large Green Skinned man, red Tattoos marked most of his body.

“DRAX THE DESTROYER!?!” The Kree and Skrull exclaimed!

Drax stood before them stoicly and said, “This world… Will be our Grave!”



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