[INFRARED VISION: The five men’s uniqe heat signatures, glowed brightly. Wolverines, skeletal structure, stands out the most!]

“Maybe, we should find a better place to clear our heads and figure things out.” Wolverine suggested. They silently agreed and moved deeper into the jungle.

After a long while, they came to a small clearing. With a waterfall and lake. A deer-like creature was drinking from the water. It looked up as they came into the clearing and dashed away in the other direction. After some hesitation, the group got close to the water and drank.

After quenching thier thurst. They sat around, away from each other. Everyone eyed each other suspiciously. Finally, The Kree stood up and walked for the trees. “Where are you going?!” The Skrull asked in an accusing manner. “Not that I owe you any explanation, Skrull!… But I tier of your face glaring at me.. So I’m  scouting ahead..” Said the Kree Soldier. “Lies!” The Skrull scoffed. “More like running off to report to your masters!” “What right do you have to accuse me of anything!?” The Kree shot back. ” “I have, EVERY Right!..” The Skrull stood to his feet.

“Will you both, shut the fuck up!?!” Said Wolverine. “Seriously! Give it a rest! You two are so eager to kill each other.. You not realizing.. Everything else out here! Wants to do it for you!.. Wake the fuck up!” The two men glared at each other for a moment.

“Now..” Wolverine continued “.. Lets start from the begining.. Clearly.. THIS, is nowhere near home! We don’t know WHY, we are here.. HOW we got here.. Or WHERE here, is!… So.. What’s the last thing any of us remember?”

They all hesitated. Not from thinking, or remembering.. But neither trusted the other to divulge any personal information. Wolverine glanced around at them… “Okay, FINE! I’ll start..” He said sarcastically. “I was on earth.. At a bar Having a drink.. I was attacked.”

“By what?” The Skrull interrupted, “… Someone I know… That’s not important.  The fight went outside.. And then.. A flash of light! I woke up here..” Logan’s thoughts drifted away and he fell silent.  “The same thing happened to me!” Said the Kree Soldier. “The flash of light, I mean. I was on guard duty for a team of scientist.. Studying… Something.” He edited himself. My team and I was sent to scout ahead of the expidetion.. We were ambushed by.. something.. i never saw what. There was a fire-fight. Then the light. I woke here.. To be attacked by you.” He pointed to the Skrull. “HA! Fools! Captured with your guard down.. Typical of lesser creatures!” The Skrull scoffed. “I assume your tale, would be more exaggerated, Skrull?” The Kree mocked. “No exaggeration, Kree! I was in Skrull Space.. On patrol.. When my craft was attacked by an unknown ship.. I fought back of course, but It used weaponry I had never seen before. My ship was badly damaged. I was forced down on a nearby moon. When I came out to meet my attacker.. The flash of Light.. Then I was here.”

“What about you?” Wolverine asks the Shi’ar. He shrugged his shoulders, “like you.. I was..” He hesitated, “engaged in combat.. Then the Light.” He didn’t continue. “And you? Oh, mighty Destroyer..” The Skrull asked Drax, mockingly. Drax turned his gaze to him. The look he gave the Skrull made his green skin turn olive. “I was on Goltar IV.. My friends and I were there to barter a treaty between warring clans. I too found myself separated from my teammates and was attacked. I saw the light. And I awoke in a dark cave. I had been wondering the jungle for sometime, before I found you fools.”

“Okay.. That’s how we got here.. Now what do we know about here?!”  Logan mused aload.  “Clearly a Jungle planet.” Said the Kree. “With All sorts of creatures that don’t seem to look like they naturally belong here.” Said the Shi’ar. “The planets atnosphere, could somehow be the reason behind my inability to morph.. Or so it may seem.” Added the Skrull. “What do you mean?” Wolverine asked. “Skrull’s have the ability to shapeshift. Alter thier physical form.” The Shi’ar explained. “And I find it disturbing that my biology has been tampered with, in some fashion.” The Skrull scowled.

‘Hmm.. That’s interesting.’ Wolverine thought. He looked down at his many scars from the days battles. ‘These should have fully healed by now.. Could this place be messing with my healing factor?!’ He looked up and noticed the Shi’ar was looking at him strangely. “There a problem?” Wolverine asked. “You look familiar to me.” Said the Shi’ar. “I find that hard to believe.” Said Wolverine. “Your the one they call.. Wolverine!” Wolverine looked at him with surprise suspicion. “Please.. Don’t be alarmed friend. Word travels fast in the Shi’ar Empire. Much is known about… Charles.. Xavier, and his.. Uh.. ‘X-men’ is it?” Wolverine didnt answer. “You saved Princess Lilandra from an assassination attempt, by her sister. “The Mutants of Terra save Magestrix” was the headline, as I recall. Every spaceport in the quadrant was talkinging about it.” “Mutant?!” The Skrull exclaimed. “Genetic Filth! I don’t know how the worms of Terra allow your kind to breath at all!” He spat the floor as if the word mutant left a bad taste in his mouth, and walked off.

“Hey pickle face!” Wolverine called after him. The Skrull turned. “Give me the slightest reason… And I’ll gut you myself.. Without my claws..” The Skrull smirked. “Try me.” Wolverine added, “And find out.” And the Skrull walked off to the other side of the lake.

The Shi’ar sighed, “I told you the Skrull cannot be trusted.” “I deal with shits like him on a daily bases… Nothing I can’t handle.” Said Wolverine. “I hope your right.” Said The Shi’ar. As the group distanced themselves from each other, Wolverine and the Shi’ar continued to talk amongst themselves.

“So.. What’s your story?” Wolverine asked. “I already told you, ‘My Story'” “Yeah, right..But I’m guessing there’s more to it..” Said Wolverine, “You were an Imperial Knight right?” “I AM, an Imperial Knight..” The Shi’ar said flatly. “Uh-huh.. Sure you are..” Wolverine stated sarcastically. “I remember the Knights.. Your Armor may resemble thiers.. But it ain’t the same. If I were to guess.. Your a Former Knight.. Clinging on to past glories.. Probably a sword for higher now.. Stop me if I’m getting colder.” The Shi’ar looked at him, half amused, half impressed. “Very perceptive of you.. But I too sence there’s more to your tale.. Why hold back?” “Cause it’s need to know information… And right now.. No one needs to know.” Said Wolverine. The Shi’ar smiled, “Precisely.” Logan grinned, “Fair enough.”

“Tenzin.” The Shi’ar extended his hand. “Logan.” Wolverine took his hand. Just then, a strange scent came to his nose. “What are you doing?” Tenzin asked.

“Don’t make any sudden moves. Don’t react.. We’re being watched.” Said Logan. “What?! How can you?..” “Another one of my secrets.”  Logan added quickly. “Where is it?” Tenzin asks. “Not Sure.” Logan said, glaring around. “What should we do?” Tenzin asks. “Not Sure..” Logan says again, “But we cant stay here out in the open, much longer.” He adds as he casually got to his feet.

“We need to get moving!” He called to the others. “We’ve been out in the open long enough. We need to find some actual shelter.”

“I’m not taking orders from some Human Genetic Waste.. I say we camp here.” Said the Skrull. “You do that.. Anybody with an actual working brain, follow me!” Said Logan. “This fool will lead us to our deaths!” The Skrull argued. Logan’s patience began to ware thin. “Listen you little green shit turd!! I really don’t have any fucking time nor patience for your constant bull shit!! I want to get my ass of this rock and go hone!! You wanna stay here and die be my fucking guest.. CAUSE I DON’T GIVE A SHIT!!” And Logan stormed off in to the Jungle. Tenzin quickly followed.

“HA!” Drax laughed, “The small one has spirit! I for one would like to see how far that takes him!” And he followed them in to the jungle. The Kree shot the Skrull a snotty look and followed Drax and the rest.

The Skrull stood there with a stubborn look on his face. “Good riddance!” He scoffed. “I am An-Gur, of the Skrull Empire! Finest of its warriors! I don’t need any of you!” He called after them. “Let the Himan Dog lead you to your doom!”

Just then, a mighty roar echoed in the distance. A twig snaps from the trees. An-Gur wheels around. But nothing’s there. He can hear foot steps over the noise of the waterfall. He looked around wildly. He was not alone. Something  was there.. It was close.

[INFRARED VISION: An-Gur’s body heat was rising rapidly, as his heart beat  like a thundering drum.]

“But.. Perhaps.. The Destroyer would prove to be a worthy ally..” He mused to himself.

[INFRARED VISION: An-Gur’s back was turned.. As the mysterious  figure pounced.]

Tenzin, Drax and the Kree Soldier stood in a small clearing. “Why are we just standing around here?” The Kree asked. “Where did the human go?!” “Logan said to wait here.” Tenzin said “Wait for what?” The Kreeasked impatiently. “AAAHHHRRRGHAAA!!!!” A scream answered. The two warriors did not hesitate to follow the scream. Drax sighed and quickly followed. When they broke through the bushes, they were met with a fantastic sight. An-Gur, the Skrull, danggeling in mid-air. As if suspended by an invisible noose. He struggled to break free. Before any of them could react. Wolverine came down, roaring from a tree above. *SNIKT* his claws gleamed. He plunges  them into what had An-Gur by the neck. Sparks flew! And the Creature suddenly appeared! “By the gods!!” The Kree exclaimed!

The Creature Screeched in pain, dropped An-Gur and reached back. It grasped Logan and flipped him off his back. But Logan fought back like a man possesed. Like a wild animal!The Creature.. Didn’t stand a chance against such fury. It’s green blood sprayed everywhere. With one final swipe of his claws,  Wolverine slashed its face trough it’s metal mask. And the body crumpled to the floor.

Logan, stood over the body, his arms and claws dripping green blood. He breathed very heavily. His eyes, blood red. An-Gur’s eyes darted back and worth between Wolverine and his attacker, as he back-crawled away. Drax laughed and exclaimed, “Most impressive! Little Man… Should we have met under different circumstances. Ours would have been a glorious battle!” Tenzin, hesitated to step toward Wolverine. “Logan?.. Are.. Are you alright?”

“Yeah!.. Yeah, I’m fine!” Logan said suddenly, as he blinked the red away from his eyes and started to breath normally. “Still trying to get the hang of controlling that..” He added. As he stepped away he quickly glanced at The Creature, Tenzin noticed his expression.

“You arrived in impressive time.. Terran!” An-Gur said, almost half appreciative. “Yeah.. I was waiting in that tree the whole time..” Logan stated  flatly.  “Ah… Wait.. What?!” An-Gur said, “I had a feeling we were being watched.. So I needed to test my theory.” Logan explained. An-Gur’s eyes widened with rage, “YOU USED ME AS BAIT?!?

“Well.. I had to improvise… But yeah!” Logan said as he strolled back to the life less Creature. An-Gur was at a loss for words, he was so angry.

“What manner of Creature is this?!?” The Kree mused as he removed the Creatures mask. They gasped at the sight of the Creatures face! Logan cursed under his breath as he stomped off, Tenzin noticed. “Wow… That’s one ugly mother fucker..” Drax said deadpan. The Kree looked at him in confusion.

“You’ve seen this Creature before.. Haven’t you?!” Tenzin called to Logan. They all looked at him. Logan hesitated. “.. Yes.”

“And?!” Tenzin asked, wanting more of an answer.

Logan sighed and said, “If there’s more of these things out here… We’re all as good as dead!”




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