“If there are more of these things out there.. We’re all as good as dead!” Says Wolverine, “You! Uh, Blue Guy!” He snaps his fingers at the Kree, “My name is Dara-Tel..” The Kree says quickly, “Whatever! Do you have any form of communicater on that fancy suit of yours?!” Dara-Tel rolls his eyes. “You don’t think I’ve tried that already? There’s no viable signal on this planet.. At least none that I’ve found yet!” He said. “You think you could, if we got to higher ground?” Logan asks. Dara-Tel shruggs, “It’s probable…” “Then we have our objective. Lets mo-” wolverine started, but he stops just as he notices a triangle of red dots move across An-Gur’s chest, and several more dance across everyone else’s person. “FUCK! EVERYONE DOWN!!” He screams. They hit the floor.

At that exact moment, several energy blasts collide and explode over thier heads. The blast was defening. As the dust settled, Wolverine could see Drax yelling, but couldn’t hear what he was saying. Drax pulls out two large blades from his boots and goes charging in to the trees. Wolverine tries to call after him. Tenzin helps Wolverine up to his feet. “LOGAN!” Tenzin’s voice was muffled, but Logan could here him, “We must go!” He said. Wolverine saw An-Gur and Dara-tel running in the opposit direction. “We have to go now!” Tending yelled again, Logan nodded and they followed after the others.

After a long while of running, they came to a skidding halt. Before them was a large chasim. The size of a slightly smaller grand canyon. “Now what?!” Dara-Tel complained. “Bridge!..” Wolverine said, as he tried to shake off the ringing in his ears. “Where!?” Dara-Tel asked. “There!” An-Gur answered, pointing ahead.

At the very edge of a cliff side was a bridge leading to the other side of the chasm. They didn’t hesitate. As they got closer to the bridge, they could see that it wasn’t an ordinary bridge. It was a literal rope bridge. One thick rope was the walkway, and two sets of rope made the handrails. The bridge looked thousands of years old. “You gotta be Flarken me!!” Tenzin exclaimed. “Then we stay and fight!” Said An-Gur. “NO!” Logan yelled. “We’re on thier turf.. We don’t know how many of them are out there! We wouldn’t stand a chance.”

“Then, what do you suggest?” Dara-Tel asked. “We cross… And head there!” He pointed across the chasm, at a tall mountain in the distance. “You think that’s high enough for you to try and get a signal out of here?” He asked. Dara-Tel thought about it quickly, “Flark It! I don’t see any other options.” He said. “Good. Lets get moving.” Logan said, as he started to step on to the Rope Bridge. Testing it’s sturdiness, he looked at them and said, “Lets try this one at a time. Dana, (“Dara”) Whatever!  Your after me, then Pickle Puss, and then Tenzin.” They agreed, and Logan started. One step at a time, he made his way across the wobbly Rope Bridge. Soon as he was a few feet away, Dara-Tel followed, then An-Gur, then finally Tenzin. One of his swords brushed against one of the rope supports. He gasped and stopped suddenly, he examined where his sword hit. Nothing. He sighed with relief. Just then. The bushes began to rustle. “Drax?” He called. No answer. He glared in to the dark bush. Hoping to see something. The bush rustled more. He backed away on to the Rope Bridge. Then he saw it. A bend in the light. And then another, and another.. And another. “MOVE! FASTER!” He called as he turned and began to race up the bridge. They glanced back, and saw four more creatures de-cloak themselves and head toward the foot of the bridge. “Move, Kree!” An-Gur spat as he nudges past Dara-Tel, nearly knocking him off the bridge. “STOP SHAKING THE DAMN BRIDGE!!” Wolverine hollers. An-Gur pushes past him, knocking him over. “FUCK!” He cries as he goes over, quickly catching himself on the Ropes. “LOGAN!!” Tenzin called, “HANG ON!”

“I GOT NOTHING ELSE TO DO, TENZIN!” Logan screamed back. Dara-Tel steadied himself and raised his blaster. He fired. Hitting one of the Creatures. He fired again. Missed. “Don’t waste your time! Get off the bridge!” Tenzin rushed him. “Go! Go!” The two of them reached where Logan was, and helped him up. “Look!” Dara said. They glanced, and saw one of the Creatures raise a blade up and bring it down. Slicing the ropes in one broad stroke. “Hang on to something!” Logan called as that end went slack.

An-Gur was nearly off the bridge when he suddenly felt the ropes snap out from under him. He lost his footing. The rope was gone. He could not grasp anything. He fell down the length of the Rope. Straight down. Suddenly, a blue hand grasped his arm. And his chest hit the cliff side. He looked up. Dara-Tel gritted his teeth as he held to An-Gur’s arm. “Grab the damn rope Skrull!” He groaned. Snapping out of his stupor, An-Gur grabbed the rope and they all climbed. They reached the top, and helped each other up. “Why?” An-Gur asked Dara-Tel. Dara sighed, “We have a better chance as Four, then we do as Three…” And he walked away.

Wolverine, looked across the chasm. The three Creatures stood there, watching. The bushes shook, and two more stood by them. And then Two more appeared. The two in the middle parted way, and then the last and Final Creature stood there.

This Creature  was much taller and larger then the others. He glared at Logan through his mask. Logan could feel his stare. He pointed at Logan, and slapped his fist to his chest. [Translation: “You…Are mine!”] and the Creature let out a mighty roar. The others roared with him.

“Four against Eight… I don’t like these odds.” Dara-Tel stated. Wolverine said nothing. The Four men stood there. Finally seeing what they were up against… Wolverine didnt take his eyes off the Big One. He stared him down and says..

“Bring it!…”




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