An-Gur, the Skrull. Tanzin, the Shi’ar. Dara-Tel, the Kree, and Wolverine, The X-Man. Make their way through this new jungle region. The tree branches overhead, grew thicker as they progressed further and deeper. Blocking out the sunlight from above. After a time, the earth began to slop down ward, and the trees grew ever taller. “It’s like we are decending in to the very pits of Hell.” An-Gur stated. “How can we even tell if we are getting and closer to that blasted mountain?!” With that, Wolverine popped his claws and started climbing a nearby tree.

The climb seemed to last forever. Finally he reched the very top of the tree canopy, and poked his head above the tree. “Damn..” He grunted, and he began his climb down. “We’re at least a day or two’s walk from the foot of the mountain. Assuming this planet has that kind of time frame.” He said. “What makes you say that?” Tenzin asked, as they continued their trek. “You cant tell from down here. But, The sun is still as high as ever, and We should be nearing evening hours. This suns movement must be slower then Earths.” Wolverine explained. “Lets keep moving.”

After awhile, Tenzin couldn’t help but to ask, “You said you’ve seen these things before.. What happened?” Wolverine hesitated. “It was a long time ago.. Before I joined the X-Men. I wasn’t alone that time too… Everyone died..”

“Except you.” Said Tenzin, “How did you survive? What do you know about these Creatures?!” Wolverine stopped and turned to Tenzin. “… They are Hunters!” An-Gur and Dara-Tel were ahead of them, but stopped to listen. “What we just saw, was a Hunting Party. Last time, I only dealt with Three. They clearly have cloaking capibilites. They are incredibly strong. Fast. Stratigec… I got lucky last time… Funny thing about luck.. It tends to run out.” And wolverine continued on. “None of that explains Why, WE, are here!” An-Gur said as he passed. “That reminds me.” Wolverine said as he turned back to face An-Gur. With one quick swing of a right uppercut. Wolverine punched him in the groin. *Whack!*

An-Gur’s eyes bulged and he made a loud gasp as he slumped to his knees. “Count your blessings I didn’t pop my claws and turned your pickle in to a stuffed taco!! Pull a stunt like that again, costing any of our lives, especially Mine! I might not be as so kind.” And Wolverine stomped off. Dara-Tel passed him and chuckled. “You did have that coming.” Said Tenzin as he helped him up.

“Logan!” Dara-Tel called as he rushed to catch up with him. “The Skrull did have a point. Why us?” “Who knows!” Wolverine stated, “Who are we?! Your a soldier. Probably the best of your squad. Green Gus, probably the same. Tenzin, a Shi’ar Knight. We are the best! So, we make the best game.” “They simply mean to Hunt Us?! Like Animals?!” Dara-Tel exclaimed. “Exactly!”

[MEANWHILE:] The Pack of Predators reached the opposite side of the chasm. The much Larger Leader scanned the ground for the heat signatures of their feet. But two much time had passed. He barks an order to one of the others. And within moments. Four large crates are brought to him. Barks and screeches could be heard from within the creates. The big one held a piece of Wolverines jacket in front of each create. The beasts inside began to move about wildly. The Creature presses a button on his gauntlet, opening the creates. And like bullets, The Beast’s ran off in to the jungle. The Leader motioned for three to go from the left, three go in from the right and he and another went straight after the dogs.

As the ground began to become level. They reached a small clearing. Across the clearing was a large formation of trees. An insulting stench crept out from the behind the trees. “What is that smell?!!” Tenzin says aloud. “Ive never smelt anything like this!” Dara-Tel gagged. “Dajavu” Wolverine muttered. “What?” Dara-Tel asked, through his sleeve.  “Thats the Smell of Death!” said Wolverine, “Now, Shut up. and keep your wits about ya!” He lead them to go around the thicket of trees. But another smell hit his nose. “Wait! *Sniff, Sniff*.. You gotta be shitting me!” He said, and he walked through the thicket. Beyond the intertwining trees, was another clearing.  “By the Gods!!”  Tenzin gasped. Above them were several skinned hides, many still very fresh, dangeling from the branches above. Rotting skin and meat was everywhere. Bones littered the floor. Every which way they looked, found stacks of skulls of all shapes and sizes.

Something on the floor caught Tenzin’s attention. He quickly grasped it. “No…” He whispered. He looked around, and then, he saw what he was looking for. He dropped to his knees, and began to shake. Tears ran down his face. “Tenzin?” Said Wolverine, as Tenzin crawled over to a pile of Skins. His hands trembled as he reached for one. Wolverine grasped his wrist. “Whoever he was.. You don’t want your last memory of Him to be like this.” He said. “He was my Brother.. We.. I blamed him for everything that happened.. I.. Oh, gods!!” He cried. He jumps to his feet and storms out of the clearing.

“Aww.. Boo-hoo-Hoo!” A deep gravely voice mocked from the darkness. Wolverine Growled and popped his claws. *SNIKT* “His brother cried like a little bitch too! Just the same!” The voice mocked. “Who, goes there?!” Dara-Tel called out. The voice laughed, a dark laugh. Wolverine walked toward the darkest part of the clearing. There, was a large monolith. All sorts of strange inscriptions decorated thee giant stone. But Wolverine didnt care about that. He cared for what was chained to it. A large Man, his cloths tattered, his golden blonde hair matted with dirt, mud and blood. His skin a tinge of pink, as if fresh and new. “Creed.” Wolverine growled. “Hey there Runt! Did you miss me!?” Creed smiled. “How did they get you?” Wolverine asked. “Your not the only one that got caught up in that flash of light!” Creed said. “You know this man!?” Dara-Tel rushed past Wolverine to unchain Creed. “NO! Leave them.” He ordered. “We can’t just leave him like this!” Dara-Tel argued. “We can and we will!” Wolverine fired back. “Come on, Logan! You can’t leave your old pal like this.” Creed grinned. “Watch me!” Wolverine smirked, and he walked away. “Logan!” Dara-Tel called. “I said! We leave him!”

“Can you walk?” An-Gur asked, stern faced, arms folded. “Yeah..” Creed answered. “Can You Fight?!” An-Gur pressed. Creed glared into An-Gur’s eyes and smiled.. “Greenie.. I can take on a whole fucking army right now!” An-Gur grinned, Grabed Dara-Tel’s blaster and said “Good Enough!”. Wolverine looked back and saw An-Gur blast Creed’s chains “Damn it! NO!!” He screamed. Just then Barking could be heard outside the trees! “LOGAN!” Tenzin called. Wolverine wheeled back around, “FUCK!” “The Dogs of war are calling!” Creed laughed.

Wolverine jumped out of the trees and joined Tenzin, who had his swords at the ready. “No more Running!” He said, The barks grew louder and closer. “Nope! No more runnin’!” Wolverine agreed. An-Gur joined them, and pulled out two blades from his boots. Dara-Tel readied his blaster. The Dogs burst out of the trees and the four men charged, screaming in to battle!…




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