The Lead Dog pounced, Wolverine charged at it head first. Tenzin weilded his swords masterfully. Mowing down each dog that attacked swiftly. An-Gur too, showed mastery with his long blades, thrusting them here and there. Dara-Tel made his blaster shots count. One dog chomped on to the blaster, swallowing it whole. “Tenzin!” Dara-Tel called, and without hesitation, Tenzin swiftly took the blaster holstered to his back and tossed it to Dara-Tel.

He catches it, turns on his heel and blasts two dogs point blank. Wolverine, already enraged, slashes away at two dogs of his own. Suddenly, A Predator comes jumping out from a nearby bush, his spear bearing down toward him. With a great Roar, Sabertooth charged and tackled the Predator to the ground. Punching his fist into the creatures chest, he pulls out the predators heart.

“I’ve said once, and I’ll say it again. I’M the one who’s going to kill you! No, one else!” Creed said, as he like the predators green blood of his hand. Wolverine glares at him, and very softly says, “Creed.. Behind you.” Just then, another Predator plunges his spear in through Creed’s stomach. “ARRGHH!!!” Creed growls. He turns around so fast, the creature didnt have a chance to let go of the spear, so he flys forward. Wolverine plants his claws straight in to The Presators head.

“A little help here?!?” Creed spits up blood as he gestures to the spear in him. Wolverine smirks, “I wanted to ask you Vic… How’s your healing factor been treating you?!” And he yanks out the spear in one twisting motion. Creed gags in pain. “Fuck you, Runt!” He says gasping for air.

A third Predator attacks Dara-Tel, slicing the barrel of the blaster in half and kicking him to the ground. Dara-Tel tries to fight back, but the Predator proves to be much stronger. The creature grabs him by the neck and readies to stab him with his gauntlet blades. Suddenly, two blades protrude from the creatures chest! An-Gur pulls the blades out, reaches over the creatures shoulders and plunges his blades in to its neck and slices it open. Blood splashed everywhere. The Kree and Skrull exchange knowing nods.

“Only three!?” Tenzin proclaimed. “Where are the others?! Show yourself cowards!!” He demanded angrily. “We gotta keep moving!” Wolverine said. “No! This is where we make our stand!” Tenzin argued. “Don’t let your emotion cloud your judgement, Tenzin!” Wolverine shot back.  “We need to stay focused and get to that mountain, and get a distress signal out of here!”

“They will not get away with what they’ve done to my brother!!” Tenzin spat. “And they won’t. This ain’t over, pal. Not for a long shot. But we gotta get moving. Fight on our terms, not Theres!” Wolverine said assuringlly. Tenzin scowled, but nodded in agreement. “Oh, for christ’s sake! You’ve been spending way to much time with Xavier and his Mickey Mouse club!” Sabertooth mocked. Wolverine ignored him. Suddenly a strange beeping sound came from one of the creatures. Then another one began to beep, then the other. An-Gur peered down at the Creature at his feet. “It’s their gauntlets.” He announced. Creed and Logan looked at one as it continued to beep… “The way it’s ticking… Kinda sounds familier.” Creed says. Logan watched the strange symbols blink in different patterns, and a thought came to him. “HOLY FUCK! BOMBS!! RUN!!” He screamed and the group  scattered in different directions. Moments later, the Predators gauntlets exploded. *SHKRA-BOOM!!*

When the dust settled. The five remaining Predators strolled out of the bushes. They surveyed the area and turned to the large one. He gestures for Two to go one way, and the other Two to go another way. And off they went without hesitation. The Leader stayed behind.

[An-Gur and Dara-Tel] They ran as fast as their legs could take them. Suddenly, Dara-Tel’s leg was snagged by something and he tripped and fell just as a hidden net sprang and snatched him up. Taking him high in to a tree. “An-Gur!!” He called. An-Gur turned back and saw The Krees’ situation. Twigs snapped and popped. “Quickly! Cut me down! We can fight them off together!” Dara-Tel pleaded. The bushes began to shake. An-Gur looked up and said, “My debt to you has been paid! You were a worthy ally!” And he ran off. “An-Gur!?” Dara-Tel called, “AN-GUR!!!” Just then, the net gave way and he went crashing down. The Predator stood over him. It raised its hand back as long sharp jagged claws extended out from it gauntlet. With one great gasp of air, Dara-Tel screamed, “CURSE YOU SKRULL!!!!” And the Predator slammed its fist down so hard and fast in to Dara’s skull. It exploded like a meat filled ballon. *PLOP!!*

An-Gur looked back when he heard Dara-Tel’s scream stop dead. He started to pick up the pace. Suddenly, something struck him hard in the chest. Causing him to backflip and fall on his face. He gasped deeply. As he sat up, he’s kicked straight in the face, his nose gushes open. He grasps his blades and swings wildly at his attacker. He sees nothing. He spits blood out his mouth, “Show yourself!” He demanded. The Predator obliges. Revealing his tall slender frame. “There you are! I shall enjoy the taste of your heart!” An-Gur sneers. The Creature says nothing. But plants his staff on the ground, and removes his Helmit, revealing his alien features. He gestures for An-Gur to come at him. An-Gur fakes a lunge, the Creature does not flinch. They circle each other a few times. An-Gur lunges, slashing his blades here and there. The Creature dodges every swipe with ease. Frustrated, An-Gur thrusts his blade forward in a stabbing motion. The Creature grasps his wrist, and snaps it. “AHHRG!” An-Gur screams in pain, and thrusts with the other blade. The Creature stops his arm, and twists it, forcing him to drop the blade. The Creature then kicks him in the chest, knocking him on to his back. It stands over him and grasps his head with both hands. Leans in close, growling, it’s pincer like lips quivering. An-Gur groans as he feels the Creature tightening its grip on his head. It stares in to his eyes, and says, “Woortthhlessss….” And with that, The Creature crushes An-Gur’s skull with a sickining *SPLAT!*


The force of the blast propel the two men forward, and rolling down a steep hillside. After a hard crash, Tenzin was the first to get to get up. Only to find himself face to face with one of the Creatures. It held its spear firmly in hand as it backed away. It growled and shouted something in its strange language. Still enraged, Tenzin rose to his feet and attacked. The Creature went on the defensive, Blocking each strike. Tenzin screamed in anger with every blow. With a skilled double step, The Creature took Tenzin off balance and knocked him down. Ready to strike with its spear, The Creature is then tackled to the ground by Wolverine. “Oh, no you don’t Bub!” He calls.

Wolverine slices the spear in half, and readies to strike, when suddenly. “ARRRGAHH!!” He screams, as His chest is pierced from behind, by another spear. A second Creature, a Female, lifts him up with the spear, and flings him to the side.

She helps the Male Creature back up to his feet. They communicate in their strange language. She reaches to touch his masked  face. A swift sound pierces the air, as a sharp breeze brushes her hand away. A bladed disk strikes the ground. She sees it and looks back at her lover. He remains still, as his head slowly drifts off his body. It drops at her feet as the rest of his body flops to the ground. She lets out a pain filled shreek.

A net springs out and ensnares her, knocking her to the ground. She struggles against it, as Two other Predators un-cloak themselves. They reach out to grab her. She tries to fight back. One orders the other to go to Tenzin and finish him off. She continues to struggle and The Predator punches her. He assaults her some more, until she stops struggling.

The other Creature stood over Tenzin. It’s shoulder mounted cannon aimed for Tenzin’s head. The Female let out a cry, that caught its attention for a split second. Which is all that Tenzin needed. He sprang up and kicked out the Predators legs, causing him to fall back. His cannon fires in to the air. And with a flash of steel, Tenzin slices the Creatures head clean off.

The other Presator had the female over his shoulder when he saw what happened. He roughly tossed her down and began to march toward Tenzin, When… “HEY BUB!” Wolverine called, “That ain’t no way to treat a lady!” The Creature wheeled around in surprise. Wolverine attacked, and with a few quick slices and slashes. The Creature was down.

Wolverine fell to his knees, breathing hard. Tenzin rushed over. “Logan?! Your chest!?” He said, “Yeah.. Thought I’d have had Heartburns worse then this!” Wolverine quipped, Coughing. They looked up an saw the female starring at them. “We must kill it!” Tenzin said getting up, marching toward her. His sword ready to swing. “No! Wait!” Logan called out. Tenzin stopped and looked at Logan in surprised confusion. Wolverine slowly got to his feet and hobbled over to her.

He looked down at her. She sat there, still covered in the net. He looked around and sighed deeply. *SNIKT* *SLASH* The net fell off of her. “What are you doing?!?” Said Tenzin.

“We need a way off this rock.. She may be the key… The enemy, of my enemy… Is my friend.” He extended his hand to her. She stared at it. Then at him, then at Tenzin’s disapproving look. “We aint got all day missy!” Logan said, stretching his hand out more. She looks around, and finally takes his hand.

Straing to lift her up to her feet, Logan says, “So! Can, You… Get us off this planet..?” She stares at him. “A Ship! Creature! Is there. A. Ship!?” Tenzin presses angrily. “Shhhhiiip” she hisses. “YES!” They nod. She thinks for a moment, and then nods. She walks over to the bodies of the other Predators, gathers some things, and then walks over to her fallen lover. She kneels over him.. Collects something from his pouch. Then gestures for them to follow her.

“Okay… Now… We’re getting somewheeee…..*” Wolverine falls to the ground and the world fades to black…


(ONLY ONE [or two, haven’t really decided yet!] CHAPTER(s) REMAINS FOLKS! HOPE YOUR ENJOYING THIS LITTLE TALE I’VE CONCOCTED! BE SURE TO CATCH UP WITH CHAPTERS: 1-6 BEFORE IT ALL ENDS! THX FOR READING FOLKS! Please feel free to let me know your thoughts thus far!)


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