Before we start this final chapter.. A HUGE S/O to COVER ARTIST @OptimalNerdRage and COLORIST @Philipdgls For thier AWESOME COVER ART! THX GUYS!

(Artwork coming very soon)



Wolverine runs through a dark forest. His heart pounding in his ears. Shadows chase after him. “Can’t Stop!” He thinks, “Lungs.. Gonna explode.. Can’t stop!” The shadows are fast. “Almost there!” He leaps over large tree roots. He ducks under low thick branches. Running. The shadows are getting closer.

A large plasma blast hits him from behind. “AAARRHHHH!!!!” Disintegrating the lower half of his body, leaving nothing but his Adamantum bones.

He hits soft grass. He crawls with his hands. His entrails dragging behind him. Screams ring in his ears. He looks up. “No!” He gasps.

Xavier mansion is under attack. Children screaming. He can’t help them.  Heavy footfalls come up behind him. He turns on to his back. The Predator stands over him. Several more run for the school. “Logan!..” A voice cries out for him. He looks and sees X-23, her feet flailing as she struggled to break free from a Predators grasp of her neck. Gasping for air, she calls for him again. He cant move. She reaches her hand out, as the Predator grasps her head and rips it off her shoulders spine and all! “noooo..” He groans as he reaches his hand out in a futile attempt to stop them. But he can’t. He looks up at the big one standing over him. Two jagged blades pop from its wrist gauntlet and it strikes him down!

“NOO!!” Wolverine jumps out of bed his claws slashing the air. “Logan!” Tenzin blocks one of the swipes with his sword. “It’s okay! Your alive, We are safe!” He assures him. “.. The fuck are we?!?” Wolverine asks, breathing heavily. “Our.. ‘Friend’ brought us here.” Tenzin explained, nodding his head at the Female Creature. She sat at a make-shift work table. She stared back at them for a moment. Then turned back to what she was doing. “Where’s here?” Wolverine asked again. “An old space craft.” Tenzin explained, “A few miles from where we found her. Looks like she.. And the other one.. had made a living here. Near as I can tell.. She’s like us..” “Like us?” “Prey.. They hunt thier own kind here as well. I don’t know if it’s some sort of trail by fire thing, right of passage, punishment.. But they hunt each other!”

“Is this Ship flight capable?” Wolverine asked, “If it was.. I don’t think she would be here.. But it seems to have kept her safe for a long period of time.” Said Tenzin. “That’s all fine and dandy! But we don’t need a place to stay safe.. We need to get out of here!” Wolverine said, as he picked himself up and out of the bed. “Wait! Your.. Wound..?!” Tenzin started, “Im fine!” Wolverine said. “I see.. Completely healed.. Another one of your ‘Tricks’?” “Something like that.. Anything on the others?” Wolverine asked. “Most likely all dead.” Tenzin stated, “Not Creed.. I know HE’s still out there..” Said Wolverine, as he examined the hole in his shirt. He shruggs and puts it on anyway. “So now it’s just.. Us three?” Said Tenzin. Wolverine looked over to the Female Creature, “Looks like it..”

“Listen.. Uh.. ‘Dollface'(?), I dont know if you can understand all of what I’m sayin’.. But, This isn’t what I meant by a ‘Ship'” She didn’t respond. “We need one that actually ‘Works!’ And ‘Fly’s!'” He continued. She continues working, no response. “Creature! We need. A. Space. Craft!” Tenzin pressured. No response. “SPEAK CREATURE!!” Tenzin forced her to turn around.

She sprang up to her feet, lifted him up off his feet with one hand and slammed him on to a table. Before Wolverine could intervene. She slaps a device on to the table and a 3D projection appears. She lets Tenzin go and returns to her work. “Whoa.” Logan said, amused. “What is this?!” said Tenzin, As he tried to force the red away from his face. “Looks like, a.. Map” wolverine says, as he runs his hand trough the projection. The map suddenly changed. “What did I just do?!” He swipes his hand through it again, and it showed a different location from before. “No, you have to go the other way.” Tenzin says as he begins to swipe his hands through it as well, changing the display again. “No. It’s this way.” , “No, that way! It goes clockwise.”, “I got it, I got it!” She moves them aside, and with a few quick strokes. She gives them a full map. She points to a spot and it pulsates. “Usss…” She says, and then she points at another spot. “Ssshhhiipp..” The two men glared at it. “That’s about a half days walk at the most.” SaidTenzin, “Should we wait for daylight?” Wolverine didnt answer. He stared at the map for a long minute. “We go now!” He says finally.

“What?!” Tenzin exclaimed. “They would anticipate us moving at first light.” Said Logan,  “We go now.. We catch them a little unawares.” Tenzin hesitated, “Relax. We have a guide this time. She knows where we are headed.” “That may be so.” said Tenzin, “But we are most importantly, outgunned at the moment. I doubt any of these, STICKS, of hers are gonna hold up against the kind of firepower they have.” At that moment, The Female Creature placed a number of weapons on the table. They exchanged looks. Logan shrugged, “Take your pick pal.. We move in twenty minutes.”


The three Predators stand over the bodies of their fellow hunters. They survey the area of the battle that had transpired earlier. The taller, slender one examined the headless body. It called for the others. The big one kneeled beside him and examined the arm of the body. Symbols were branded on to the arm. These symbols seemed to invoke some feelings within them. The Big one shouted orders and pressed some buttons on his wrist gauntlet. Two flying devices sprouted from his shoulder pads. After pressing more buttons, they rocketed off in separate directions.

“Those little toys of yours ain’t gonna be enough if you wann track down someone like Logan.” A voice called from behind. They wheeled around. Creed stood there, leaning against a nearby tree. “Now.. Usually.. I’d be ripping you guy’s throats out right about now for skinning me alive before.” He started as he slowly walked toward them. “But..lucky for you.. I’m in a generous mood right now. I know you want the little guy for what he gone done to your friends. And I want to get off this fucking rock… Maybe.. Just maybe.. We can work something out. Whatdya say?..” The Three Predators exchanged looks.

A wicked grin spread along Creed’s lips.


The colored moons hung high and bright in the night sky. Tenzin and Wolverine followed closely and silently behind the Female Creature, as they made their way through the thick jungle. They crept around all manner of beasts and monsters along their trek. They crossed rivers and creeks. Waded through Blades of grass as high as their shoulders. They Climbed cliffsides and traversed steep hills.

As dawn began to break, they found a secluded field that laid under the shadow of a tall mountain. Wolverine voulinteerd to scout ahead, leaving Tenzin and The Creature to rest behind. Tenzin decided to take this time to meditate, while the Creature decided to sharpen her weapons. After a long while, a strange buzzing sound filled the air. The sound, catching both of their attentions.

Wolverine quickly scaled the side of the cliff. Reaching the top, he pulled it a pair of large binoculars that he got back at the Creatures ship. He scanned the area ahead and spotted the ship they needed. “Jackpot.” He said. Suddenly a familiar sent reached his nose, but too late. “HEY THERE RUNT!! Did Ya miss me!?!” Sabertooth tackled him from behind. He Lifted him over his head and slammed him down hard, “It wasn’t very nice of you to leave me behind like that, pal!” He said as he punched Logan down several times. “And here I thought, we had reached a new turning point in our relationship!” He kicked Logan across the face. “But! Considering the situation we find ourselves in.. I just might be open to accepting a nice heartfelt apologie!” He raised his arms up high over his head, to slam them down on the back of Logan’s neck. “Ya know what Creed..?..” Sabertooth froze, “Shut the fuck up!” And Logan launched both feet in to Creed’s groin. Creeds eyes bulged and spit and flem flew out his mouth as he hunched over. Logan quickly followed with a kick to his jaw, knocking him back. Jumping on to his chest, “How’s that for an apologie!?” He says as he begins to pound his fists into creeds face. *SNIKT* “Say goodnight princess!” Before Logan could strike his claws down. Creed placed his hands up to catch his fists, forcing the claws to go straight through his palms. “AAARHHHGAH!! You little shit!!” Creed howled. Logan pressed on, trying to push his claws closer to Creed’s face. Creed began to half laugh half growl in pain, “HA! HA! This.. *Ugh* This reminds me of that time.. Back in Madripoor.. 1934!.. You remember that?!” He smiled. “Or was it ’35?! I can’t put my finger on it… *Grr* But what we did back then.. Ho boy.. THAT! Was fun…” Suddenly, Logan eased his pressure.


The buzzing sound grew louder and louder. Tenzin scanned the sky above the trees. Then, with a loud zoom, two drones Burt out of the trees before him. Knocking him back in surprise. The drones circled overhead. “Spy crafts!” Tenzin called, “They can’t be far behind! We must move!” The Creature stood Her ground. “You could barely hold your own against two yesterday.. What chance do you-” Tenzin stopped when out of the blue, Two creatures pounced out of the trees and attacked. Tenzin and the Female rolled out of the way. They exchanged looks, “Very well then!” Said Tenzin, and they attacked.


Tenzin and The Female Creature are dragged through the jungle, arms and legs tied. Soon, Tenzin awakens to find himself in his current predicament. He looks around wildly, scanning his surroundings. He sees a large clearing,  torches everywhere, a large firepit with a roaring flame. He and the Creature are then dropped on the ground. He looks up, and just a few feet from him, is the Ship. He struggles against the ties on his arms and hands. Suddenly, large feet stomp down in front of him. He looks up, and there is the Larger Creature. He watches as It begins to undo its helmit straps.

The Predator lifts his helmit up and looks down at them, Revealing his grotesque and gnarled alien face. He barks orders to the others and they drag Tenzin and the female to the side. They begin to remove the ties and Tenzin tries to fight back, but is met with a strong backhand to the face.

“Honey!! I’m home!” Creed calls as he enters the field. Draped over his shoulder, is Wolverines motionless body. The predators stopped undoing Tenzin’s ties, and walked over in Creeds direction. As they walked away, Tenzin quickly tried to shake loose from his wraps. But they were too tight. He cursed under his breath. He glanced over in Logan’s direction. “Damn it, don’t be dead Logan.” He muttered as he continued to struggle.

“Like I said! Not so hard to handle him.. As long as you know what your doing!” Creed smiled as he dropped Logan at the Large Predators feet. “Ya looked better with your mask on, by the way..” Creed quipped. “So! Is that my ride over there?” He added pointing at the Ship across from them, as the Predator gave him a stern look. “That thing have auto Piolt or something? I don’t wanna get turned around at Uranus or nothing!” The Predator pressed a series of buttons on his wrist gauntlet, and the ship suddenly sprang to life and a holographic image of earth appeared from his gauntlet. “Ahh.. Well then!” Said Creed, as he slapped his hands together, “It was a pleasure doing buisness with ya, I’ll be on my way.” Creed took one step and the ship shut down and one of the other Predators stepped in front of him, blocking his path. Creed smiled, “Didnt I tell ya… Just. Like. Madripoor!” And in one instant, Logan sprang up and sliced down one of the other Predators, as Creed took down the other. “Told ya, they wouldn’t let you go two steps!” Said Logan. The Large Predator roared and with one kick, sent Wolverine soaring. Creed struck the Predator from behind. It barely fazed it. The creature returned the blow to Creeds face.

Watching the ensuing battle, Tenzin struggled some more against his restraints. Suddenly, he’s grasped by a strong hand and lifted to his feet.

Creed fought hard, but the Predator was much stronger, with a quick move, The Predator popped its gauntlet blades and rammed them into Creeds neck. Creed gagged and thrashed, but the Creature simply kicked him back, and Creed fell into the firepit. “RAARR!!” A mighty voice rang from behind.

Before the Predator could turn, DRAX was airborn, bringing his Two blades down into its shoulder blades. The Predator roared in pain, but didnt fall. Tenzin and the Female Predator came and tackled the back of his knees, forcing him down. He continued to fight back. The Female plunged a spear into his side. Tenzin then stabed him with his sword. The Predator roared and it’s head suddenly slumped down. Breathing heavily, they glared at the fallen behemoth. “He is dead!” Said Drax. Suddenly, the Predator began to shake, and gurgling noise came from its mouth. It spat green blood, the gurgling turne into a bone chilling.. “MUUUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!” The Predators head shot up as he grasped Tenzin by the neck. He elbows the Female in The face, knocking her back. Drax digs his blades in deeper as the creature began to rise back to his feet. Tenzin did the same with his sword, pushing it deeper in to the creatures gut. The Predator pulled him in close and head butted him, busting his nose open. And with a great back hand, it whacked him in the jaw with a loud *KRAK* Tenzin went flipping over to the ground. Drax stabbed down harder. The Predator growled in pain, but still reached back and grasped Drax by the head an yanked him off his back. Body slamming him to the ground. The Predator reached back and removed the blades from his back, and removed the spear from his side. It tried to remove Tenzin’s sword, but it was too deep for one pull out.

Tenzin, His jaw hanging, staggers to his feet. The Predator sees him. A wicked grin came over the creatures pincered mouth. Tenzin could barely see. His eyes watered over with tears and blood from his nose. The Predator chuckles and beckons him to come at him. Tenzin spots a piece of burning wood nearby and picks it up. The Predator laughs some more. “YEEESSSSS!” It growls, still beckoning him forward. Through clenched  teeth, Tenzin lets out a mighty yell and charges. Swinging the burning wood left and right, The Predator dodges each swing, as if toying with Tenzin. Seeing an opening, Tenzin fakes left and kicks right, hitting the holy of his sword driving it deeper in to the thick trunk that was the Predators midsection. The Predator winces. Angry, it grabs the burning end of the wood, yanks it from Tenzin and in one quick motion turns it around and ramms it through Tenzin’s gut. Burning end first. Stunned, Tenzin stands there, gasping for air. The Predator kicks him down.

“TENZIN!!!!!!” Wolverine screams, charging at the Predator. Wolverine swung his claws with such furosity. The Predator would knock him back, but wolverine would just keep bouncing back like a rabid beast, clawing and kicking. Each time with more energy and force. But the Predator was much stronger. Delivering heavy and powerful blows to Wolverine. Wolverine kept at the Creature, It caught him and choke slammed him. The Predator picked him up and head butted him, hard. But that proved a fatal mistake for the Predator. Wolverine’s adamantium laced skull, busted the creatures nose area. They both fell back from the impact.

Soon, Wolverine began to tire. As was the Predator, but neither was ready to quit. They rose to thier feet. With one final exhale, Wolverine charged again, The Predator went to block his attack, but Wolverine quickly changed position and sliced his claws upward. Severing the Predators left arm. Green blood splatters from the wound. With his other bladed arm, The Predator stabs Wolverine in the gut and pushes him back. The predator roars in pain and anger. Wolverine staggers to his feet, coughing up blood. The Predator roars at him and begins to stomp toward him. Suddenly, Drax grabs ahold of one of his legs. Staggering him, the Predator pauses and The Female grabs ahold of his other leg. The Predator roars in rage as he tries to shake them off. Then, springing out of the Firepit, Sabertooth lunges on to the creatures back and Plunges his claws in to the Creatures chest. Immobile, the Predator struggles. With his last bit of strength. Wolverine leaps in to the air and ramms his claws in to the Predators chest and slides them straight down through to his sternum. The Predator Roars as blood gushes from his chest. Wolverine grasps Tenzin’s sword, and twists it to the side with great force. Slicing the Predators gut wide open. His entrails and blood flowing out of it like a dam busrting. And finally.. The Predator falls.


The Female Predator readies the Ship. “This one still lives!?” Drax says of the Charred, yet still breathing remains of Sabertooth. Drax began to lift him up on to his shoulders and headed for the ship. Wolverine tried lift Tenzin in to his arms. “No..” Tenzin gasped… “No….” “I can’t just leave ya here pal, come on.” Said Logan. “There… Is nothing… Left for me… Let me stay… With my brother…” Tenzin struggled to say, his life quickly fading. Wolverine sighed and placed Tenzin’s sword in his weak hands. Tenzin pushed it back in to Logan’s hands and gave him a knowing look. And with that.. The light faded from his eyes, and his head dropped.

“WOLVERINE!! WE MUST GO!” Drax called over the ships roaring engine. Wolverine sighed, whispered something in Jappenese to Tenzin And with that, he rushed off to the ship.

The female Predator pioleted the ship higher and higher. “Thank goodness you know how to fly this thing” said Logan. Just then, a slight *PING* sound came from the council in frog of them. “What’s that?!” Asked Drax, pointing at the strange symbols that flashed on the screen. “You gotta be fucking kidding me..” Said wolverine. The Female Predator jumped to action.

Back on the planet surface, The Predator pressed the final button on the wrist mounted gauntlet on his severed arm that lay next to him. Forcing himself to turn over, his front still covered in blood and entrails. The Predator looked up to the sky and let out a weak laugh. The ticker *PINGED* it’s last symbol. And the ship continued to fly away. It’s eyes widened in confusion and it glanced at the timer on the gauntlet. It froze, blinked and… *PING*

In the distance behind the soaring ship, a large bright light flickered on the planet below. [Inside the ship] The Female pressed a series of buttons and continued to Piolt the ship steadily. Drax and Wolverine looked at her, exchanged impressed glances and wolverine said, “Damn your good!” And the two men laughed.


Laura Kinney walks alone along the grounds of Xavier mansion. She glances up at the starry night sky, notices the moon is bright tonight, and sighs. She kicks a pebble out of her path. Suddenly a bright light and a large gust  of wind picks up over the forest to the east. Startled, she pops her claws and runs off toward the strange disturbance. As she nears the forest, she stops short. Logan stepps out from the bushes, his cloths tattered and stained in all manners of blood and gore. A sword sheathed in his belt loops. “Hey Kiddo.” He says with an exhausted sigh. She looks him up and down and lunges at him. Embracing him in a tight hug. “It’s alright Kid.. I’m ok.. It’s over.” He says, glancing up. He sees the ship twinkle in the night sky and vanish. “It’s over.”


EPILOUGE 1: Nick Fury director of SHEILD charges out on to the helicarriers top deck. “Now what the fuck is this?!?” He hollers at his men. “Uhm.. I’m not sure sir..” Says one of them.. “But this letter says..” “Give me that!!” Fury snatches the letter from the soldier and it reads, “HEY, FURY! SABERTOOTH GOT A LITTLE TOO MUCH SUN.. SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH HIM.. LOGAN” Fury crumples up the letter and stares down at the blackened remains of Sabertooth. “It’s still breathing sir…” Said one of the men. “Get this thing in a cell.. Pronto!” Ordered Fury. “Hmph.. Too much Sun huh?” He smirks.

EPILOUGE 2: Drax had the Predator drop him off on a mining colony not far from Knowhere. There, he sends a call out to his friends. “Just sit tight pal.” Says Star-Lord. “We’ll be right over to pick you up! I can’t wait to hear THIS story.” He smiles, “I AM GROOT!” “Groot missed you the most I think… See you soon buddy.”

Finding a place to rest, Drax feels incredibly ill. [FLASHBACK: Drax runs off toward the attacking Predators after the ambush] Drax stumbles into his room. [FLASHBACK: Drax blindly jumps through the bushes, not knowing where his is going. He trips and falls down a hole in the ground. He slides down a dark wet tunnel. And falls hard on the stone ground.] Drax begins to vomit. As he falls to the ground shaking. [FLASHBACK: Drax awakens, choking on something. Everything is dark. He can’t breath. Something is choking him, wrapped around his face. He finally breakes free and kills the strange creature. Gasping for air, he finds the way he got in to this dark cave. And begins to climb. Finally reaching the top of the hole. He sucks in a lung full of air. He picks himself up and out of the ground. He looks around, unsure of how long he was out. He hears screaming and follows the sound. Behind him, long spidery legs poke out from the hole he just left.] Drax wrenches in pain, and he begins to cough up blood. Suddenly, his sternum bulges with a large lump. he gasps as the skin from his belly stretches and then.. *POP*

Drax’s scream echoes throughout the mining colony halls.. Followed by a strange shriek. A shriek never heard before.. A shriek from something…. ALIEN!


Thats up to you…




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