I know, I am.. EXTREMELY LATE! (I’ve been busy..)
This past October was  the (surprisingly) 10TH ANNUAL NEW YORK CITY COMIC CON! (only 10th??!!)
My Third year going to NYCC in a row. *pats self on back*
I went on a Sunday morning.  The final day of the Con. Not a whole lot of epic news or events happen on a Sunday, but it was awesome all the same.
First and only, panel of the day, was the  “LEGO DC SUPER HEROES -JUSTICE LEAGUE: COSMIC CLASH” Panel. (You can view the panel here 👇)

A first look at LEGO and DC’s latest Original Movie. In which the Justice League face of against Brainiac. The panel consisted of the director, the producer, and writer of the film. But it got better. Joining them, was Troy Baker himself (the voice of Batman) and Phil LaMarr (Brainiac) The panel was fun, being the first to see the exclusive trailer and a couple of exclusive Scenes made me feel pretty darn special. Troy Baker and Phil LaMarr were enjoyable. Once the Q and A began. It was onto Artist Alley, The Block, and everywhere else…



(forgive the poor quality photos, but its the best i got)
They were beautiful. the colors, the design, it was almost as awesome as the Bat-Suits. Just a little more, cause its the fucking TRINITY!!
I saw a lot of incredible creators and artists. Saw Deadpool’s dad, Rob Liefield. Met the creator of LADY DEATH Brian Pulido, even got him to sign a couple of LD Comics in the process.

There was another panel I stopped by at, THE WOMEN OF MARVEL Panel. In which, Female Comic Writers showcased the upcoming female superhero lead books coming to Marvel this fall. It was really cool to see the exclusive art and covers to the upcoming titles. And to see the brilliant Women behind whats to come was inspiring.
That was all the good stuff…Now.. allow me a moment to vent about some of the bad stuff that happened at the Con.

The Fucking Jurassic World exhibit…*DEEP BREATH* OK… You know what, Fuck them! They were assholes! Moving on.
I recognize that The Con is  a Family experience, BUT!  Why the fuck would someone bring an infant to a JAM PACKED CONVENTION CENTER!?!?! Can you imagine how frustrating it is to be walking round THE BLOCK at the CON, Shoulder to shoulder with all those people.. and then a Huge Baby stroller comes rolling through.. For Fucks sake people!? ever heard of a damn Baby Sitter! Being a New Yorker, you come across all kinds of.. “Parents” and you become aware that some just are not suited for the job! You just shouldn’t let your.. Three year old ‘Captain America’ or ‘Superman’ (Or whatever you decide to dress your little brat in!)  walk four or five steps in front of or behind you!? That just doesn’t make any fucking sense!!
Im all for sharing the beauty of THE CON with the little ones.. But not if they are too young to even comprehend, let alone, even REMEMBER the MAJESTY that is a COMIC CON!
There should be a bit of an age restriction at The Con. No Kids (or infants) under the age of.. lets say.. 9! If your kid can follow rules and regulations that YOU set for them..Then by all means, Bring them! They know how to stay close to Mom and Dad when in a crowd. They know how to conduct themselves in a public space.. Then Fuck Yeah! Come on in Kid!
My son and or daughter WILL be going to future NYCC’s with me.. BUT not until i feel they are old enough to handle it!
Legendary BATMAN writer and artist Dynamic Duo, Scott Snyder and Greg Cappulo, were right in front of me..


I saw them.. Greg bumped my shoulder as he passed me. I had my  COURT OF OWLS books ready to be signed… Only one problem.. I DIDN’T HAVE A STUPID GOLD FUCKING PAPER WRIST BAND!!! Only those who had them could get on line and get their stuff autographed…. YOU FUCKING CUNT RAGS!! HOW ABOUT A HEADS UP OR SOMETHING?? FUCK FACES!!

All in all, a great Con to say the least.. It will be the very LAST time I go on a Sunday, I tell you that much!

THANK YOU NEW YORK COMIC CON! Cant wait for next year!
So, until next time folks.. Peace Out!


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