“NETFLIX AND CHILL”: Binge-Watching “THE FLASH” Season One!

Welcome, folks to a Brand New Blog Segment I like to call, “NETFLIX AND CHILL..” In which I talk about something I saw on Netflix… In this particular case.. I Binge-Watched CW’s “THE FLASH!” So this is somewhat a review on the first season..


In case you have not seen season one during its original run and or have not yet gotten to it on Netflix, and dont wish to have anything spoiled for you, well then… GET THE FUCK OUT!


Now then..

“My Name Is Barry Allen… And I’m The Fastest Man Alive!” Is now my most favorite line ever, (or at least on the top ten of favorite T.V/Movie Line/ Quotes)

During the original run of the Flash, I tried to stream it.. But poor connection ruined my first viewing of the first episode. So I put it off, “I’ll get to it when I get to it” kind of thing. So as the season progressed, Social Media spoiled the shit out of it for me. So that feeling of “I’ll get to it when I get to it” got stronger. (Thx Social Media)

As Season Two approached, Netflix posted the complete First season. With season Two well underway, I decided to give the first episode a shot… (I wasent feeling so good. Bad headache, stomach ache and all that) I figured “Episode one and I’ll call it a night..” Next thing I know it’s 4am and I’m well into episode 4!


This show was fucking good! Emotional as fuck! There was so many sentimental scenes and moments in this show.. It wouldn’t stop. Especially the scenes with Barry and his dad, (played wonderfully by Original Flash, John Wesley Shipp) Holy fuck can Grant Gustin cry!! It’s like Elijah Wood times 100..


The Special Effects were awesome, for a television show,  Each episode was a visual splendor. I loved how they incorporated Flash’s speed in fights.

The characters are great. The actors were spectacular. Tom Cavighna’s Harrison Wells was a wicked delight.

By far, my favorite episode, is the very last episode of the season.


The final battle between Flash and Reverse Flash, who turned out to be Harrison Wells, whom also turned out to be (Spoiler) Eobard Thawne! (Which BTW, wasn’t really a surprise to me. Not just because of the spoilers online, but it was fucking obvious! I’m not gonna bull shit.. I grew up reading Flash but I can’t say I’m a diehard fan. But I saw that twist a million miles away!)

That would have to be my main problem with the show.. They could have kept that a surprise for a long while, until a few certain key episodes.  AND! Just remembered this… Sorry.. HOW MANY FUCKING PEOPLE NEEDED TO KNOW BARRY ALLEN IS THE FLASH?!?  That boy could not keep his freaking mask on!!


Be that as it may, The finale was a beautiful episode. Which wrapped everything up very nicely for the season. When Barry went back in time to save his mom, and then saw his future self tell him not to.. I was like, Holy Shit! Then he got a chance to say goodbye to his mom before she died.. THATS when the tears started rolling for me. Cause Hot Damn! That was emotional.

What DC/WB/CW Has been able to accomplish with this show, is truly astounding. It’s grade A stuff. If only ARROW and GOTHAM could do the same.. I give, THE FLASH: Season 1, a score of.. 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺 7/10 on the BINGE-WATCHING scale. So if you haven’t done it yet, clear a day out of your schedule and.. “NETFLIX AND CHILL” with The Flash:Season 1!

Hope you folks like the new Blog Feature. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think I should Binge watch next!

So, Until next time folks… Peace Out!

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