DISCLAIMER: I am a BIG Ronda Rousey  Fan! I love everything about her! Her character, her determination, her skill, her intelligence.. And she’s fucking beautiful! BUT.. I will speak honestly and truthfully about what I saw transpire on November 15 at UFC 193! I am in no way an expert at MMA, but I consider myself a UFC Fan, So take my so called “Knowledge” of Fighting with a grain of salt. So.. That being said… Lets begin.

I don’t know who the hell was in that ring with Holly Holm.. But that sure as hell Wasn’t Ronda Rousey..


She was sooo unfocused! She was not proforming the way she normally does. Her head was not in this fight! She really did underestimate her opponent. I could not believe what I was watching.


Ronda clearly looked like she wanted to take the woman’s head off, and beat her at her own game. But that’s where shit just went so fucking wrong! Allow me to shed some light on a couple of facts about Holly Holm…image

She’s a 5 or 6 time Boxing Champion. Shes been “Boxing” since the age of 16.. She’s 34… (What the fuck was Ronda thinking in trying to go Strike for Strike with this woman?!?) Before joining UFC, she was a Kick-Boxing Champion!.. image

All of her professional MMA wins.. Have come from her KICKS! (How the fuck was Ronda not watching for those Kicks?! Holly’s legs look like fucking jackhammers.. And practically work the same as one!)

Ronda is no doubt THE most dominate and skilled woman to ever compete.. Her skills on the ground are almost top tier. image



Shes an Olympic level JUDO champion and a some-Odd level Black Belt in the craft… She did NOT fall on to those skills… Her Striking game was steadily on the rise, (which was evident in her last fight with Betch Corraiea) She was developing those skills so well. But she was nowhere near the level of someone like Holly Holm. She could not excite her Judo Flip (Don’t know why..) Had a PRIME POSITION to execute an ARMBAR… Did not capitalize.. Granted, Holly scurried her ass out of it as fast as no one has ever done so. But Ronda didn’t  even try to go for it again. She seriously tried to beat the woman at her own game.. And that mentality, literally, Kicked her right in the face!

I don’t know what Ronda was thinking.. I find it hard to fathom that she allowed any kind of negative thoughts get in to her head. She was not fighting like herself.. She didn’t fight, Her Fight. This is not to say that her career is over.. This is barely even the middle of her journey. But,  this is truly, THE defining Chapter in her career. It would have been great for her to go undefeated.. Legendary! But lets look at it this way..





(Just to name a few..) All are considered, Some of THE GREATEST FIGHTERS OF ALL TIME… But they have all been laid out on their backs more then once! Even the greatest, can lose.. I like to think, that.. The true measure of a Champion.. Is not just in how many wins they have. But in how HARD they come back from a loss. How hard they strive to be better then the last time. I believe Rocky said it best.. “It’s not about how hard you hit.. But how HARD you can GET hit.. And keep moving Forward!”

This is not the end of Ronda Rousey, “My Champion” “The People’s Champion” (No offense to Holly Holm. She fought hard and deserved to win) This is Ronda’s real challenge, This is her ROCKY 3 moment. Losing was her wake up call, Humility said, “Hey! Slow it down Luv!” Now, as soon as she’s able.. She can recollect herself, reassess her priorities in the ring, Learn from her mistakes, Come back and Show the world and all the haters just exactly why.. Ronda Rousey, Is The Greatest Fighter to ever walk in to the octagon.. EVER!

#TeamRonda4Life  image

Hope you folks liked this one. Would love to hear your thoughts, Hit me up. SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG, Like it! Comment! All that good shit..

So, Until next time folks… Peace Out!


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