Hi-Yo!! Wasabi Ladies and Gentelnerds. Your boy, Speculating Nerd back.. AGAIN! With another trailer review.. Of, uh.. Something.. Uhm.. Where is it?! Just a sec… Hmm…

AH HA! Found it..



Lets have a look see..

Well! That was.. Pretty darn good! Not too much.. Not too little.. Very interesting.. Can we call this a trailer or a teaser? Not quite sure.. A very long teaser perhaps! But really fun. I feel like this was mostly made by Fox to remind us that, “Hey! While there’s a batman/superman movie, a Civil War movie, a Deadpool movie, and a whole bunch of other stuff.. Don’t forget about us!! There’s a new X-Men movie coming out next year too!” It’s like mostly something  to familiarize the rest of the non-nerd populace out there, who are fans of the films.. What and who is APOCALYPSE!


I do like the look.. I’m digging on how they are.. Probably using him. Not so sure about the whole, mind control aspect of it.. Although, through his enhancements of his “Horsemen” he can fuck with there heads.. But actual “Mind Control”?!?.. Lets leave that with the professionals shall we?..


My only problem with Apocalypse.. Is the Voice.. Not really digging the voice direction they went with.. Maybe it’s just me. But I’ve always loved how Apocalypse spoke in the Cartoon.. It’s fucking awesome.. Check out this quick clip..

I wish they would have went with something a little more closer to that.. But whateves.

The “teaser” also filled us in on who would be serving as “The 4 Horsemen” Magneto, Storm, Psylocke and Archangel!

image Probably one of my most favorite shots in the Teaser.. Seeing Archangel shoot his feather blades from his wings.. Fucking genius!

I honestly did enjoy the, ‘Teaser/trailer’ Can’t wait for this movie.. Oh and, the whole Xavier’s eyes going black part… Why the fuck did I get the feeling of SHADOW KING being present in this movie?!? I don’t know.. Maybe that’s just me.. AND… This over here,


Really freaking awesome they have a scene where Apocalypse grows in size.. But 90% sure it’s a fight in Xavier’s mind. Why? cause Unless, Xavier musters a whole lot of momentum to propel himself out of his chair to punch Apocalypse, I don’t see this taking place within reality. But really fucking cool shot though.  But both the Shadow King and Dream Sequence things,  are based on pure.. SPECULATION!

Alright, that’s my review.. Would love to hear your thoughts.. NEXT TRAILER REVIEW COMING UP?…


Until then.. Peace out!


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