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“STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS MOVIE REVIEW!” (It should be noted that this review is SPOILER FREE! NO SPOILERS! A spoiler filled review will follow this one and be done by The Speculating Nerd.. Hope to see you there.)

My goodness! Thank The Lord for J.J Abrams. I’m going to try and do my very best to do this review, without spoiling anything! First off..



Very much a rehash of Episode IV but done…FANTASTICALLY!! Very well done. Plot point for plot point. Not in the same order as the aforementioned. But very similar. Attack, introductions, capture/rescue/capture/rescue.. Epic Battle! And the end. But what a great ride from the start. It grabs you from the very start. I missed the 20th century Fox music for literally, Half a second. But I could care fucking less once the LUCASFILM logo came on, and.. BA-DAAAA!!!


The Epic Score, and then the Scroll, (Great Scroll) Straight to the point, short and sweet, and Epic!




REY (Daisy Ridley), FINN (John Boyega), POE DAMERON (Oscar Isaac), KYLO-REN (Adam Driver) and BB8.. Amazing! Simply Amazing group of actors. Very well written characters. Great chemistry between the leads. LOVE, and I mean, LOVE!! BB8. He has officially replaced (or at least bumped down) R2-D2 as my favorite Droid. Hands down, a wonderous delight to have on screen. How they made a faceless droid have so many clear emotions? Is beyond my comprehension.. But they did it!


I mean, look at him!.. He’s so freaking adorable!


Hate Kylo-Ren.. (You’ll find out why soon enough) But he is by far the most interesting Villian.. To ever be in the Star Wars Universe. In lesser hands, He could have been easily written off as a Darth Vader wannabe, with a really cool Lightsaber. But his story arc leaves you wanting more. I want to see what comes next from this guy.


Finn, is such a great character.. I liked him a lot. He had some of the best moments. He was a true stand out.. Also, can’t wait to see what comes next from him.

REY!!!! My god… REY!! I. Am. In. Love! She’s fucking awesome!


Must.. Restrain.. From… SPOILERS!

Daisy Ridley was a beautiful delight to watch on screen. She sold every scene she was in.. The character is…. Awesome! Such a pleasure to see, a female lead character.. Evolve, and still have so much more to offer us! Just really excited to have a female character, in a predominately male centric series, to be the.. Shining point! Something I can show to my future daughter. Someone, anyone can show to their little girl (or growing girl) and say, “look, that can be you!” Thats what J.J has always been able to do so well. Write great female characters and give them the proper time and attention for them to flourish and be great! I seriously can’t wait for the next one.. MORE REY PLEASE!!



Solo, Leia, Luke… Nuff Said!


I honestly felt that there were a few things that were kinda glossed over and rushed. One character was… Uhm.. Lets just say, “WHY?!”. Something’s that I wished they spent more time on building on, but didn’t get the attention I think they deserved. (But what the heck do I know!) The John Williams Score.. Didn’t pull me out of the film.. But was lacking at certain points of the film.. So.. There’s that! Honestly, not alot of bad stuff. Can’t go into detail because that would be skating on spoiler territory.


Great Story. Fantastic characters and actors. Action packed. Great visual effects. The nostalgia factor. Minor plot oversights.. But, GET YOUR ASS TO A THEATER AND WATCH THIS MOVIE NOW!!! I mean right now! Cut class, ditch work, leave the children… Wherever! And go see this movie! I give “STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS” 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💫 8 and 1/2 out of 10! A must see!

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Until next time folks… Peace out AND “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!”



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