Hey there folks! A new year bring a new Twitter Tournament. This years theme? A Marvel/DC Tag Team Tournament! After a week of brutal battles, Today we crowned a Winner!.. Before I announce the victor, lets do a quick recap..

We had a very unique assembly of heroes (and villains) make up the teams in this tournament.. Lets take a look..

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

As with previous Tournaments, Group placements and first round battles were selected at random through names pulled from a bag. It was then purely up to the votes. We had very interesting match-ups! Such as, X-23/Mogo going up against Dr. Strange/Reverse Flash, which ended in the wizard and speedster taking out, a planet and a mutant! (Don’t ask me how that works.. But whateves!)

(On a personal note! I fail to see how the hell.. Does the team of DEADPOOL/BATMAN LOSE.. To SheHulk/Sinestro ?!?!? Can somebody PLEASE explain that to me? But!… WHATEVES!!)

Anywhooo.. In the end. The Team that takes the crown?


The Team of @BigJerm95 and @Mrjafri with their creative and stupidly powerful team of Cosmic Armor Superman and Phoenix! Through overwhelming support, this team proved to be a force to be reckoned with! A hearty congratulations to these guys. They now join other Tournament Greats.. @SuperheroofSteel @Vjnira and @Geometrick1598

Lest we forgot, joining these fine people as well.. Our Runner-Ups and “DIVISION-B” Champs..


@EddieSteak and @Mikeschmidt09 with their team of THE FLASH/ THOR! Congrats to them as well!

Lots of great teams and amazing battles was what made this years tournament pretty special. We had fun! we met new people and or friends! Made new followers to share our thoughts with! Which is EXACTLY what these tournaments are for! (and i hope you folks remember that!) Hopefully I’ll come up with another good one in the coming months and I’ll see you awesome people again.

So before I go.. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH! If you are reading this and you were not among the people that played, but you Are on social media.. Give these cool people a follow and support their ideas.

So, until next time folks.. Peace Out!

(Hmmm… Maybe the next one can be a Video Game Tag Team Tournament?. Hmmm..)


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