“The Speculating Nerd” Reviews: “CREED!”

WASABI!!! How’s it hanging Nerds and Nerdettes, (To the left or to the right?)

I’m back by popular demand..( Huh? Nobody demanded me?.. Well then.. Fuck it!) Im back whether you like it or not.

SO! I’m here to review.. “ROCKY IXIIX: The search for CREED”


First off.. WOW,Not fucking bad! “Creed” is directed by Bryan Coogler (Fruitville Station) and Stars Micheal B. Jordan as Adonis(Donny) Johnson (Creed) and Sly Stallone is back for the Uptenth time as Rocky Balboa.

Im gonna do my damn best to not spoil anything in this review.. BUT! Should something slip? You have been warned..

So, we meet our boy Adonis Johnson in Juvey. Where he is visited by the Ageless.. And I do mean, Fucking Ageless, Phillica Rashad.


Who revels to him that she is in fact the wife of the man that fathered him with another woman. And after spending a long time trying to find him, and offers him to live with her.

Flash forward to the present. He has a good job. A good life. Lives in a nice fancy mansion, and was raised by a good woman. YET! He is not fully content with such an “easy” life. The Fighters blood of Apollo Creed flows through his veins. He wants to be a fighter. He NEEDS to be a fighter. Quitting his job, he leaves home in Los Angeles, California. And travels to the nitty gritty mean streets of Philly-Delphia!

While There, he seeks out Rocky Balboa.


Long story short.. Rocky trains him to be a champion.. Lots of shit happens in between. So I’m not gonna go into too many Spoilers here.


The Movie itself is very enjoyable. Lots of sentimentality, mostly for die hard fans of the Rocky Franchise. One could say it pulls a FORCE AWAKENS, in regards to the plot. It’s very much a rehash of Rocky I. Plot point by plot point. Much like FA was a rehash of New Hope. But both films stand on their own as original works of art. Masterfully directed and acted. (Give Stallone the Oscar now..)

THE NEGATIVES: Now… If I’m not mistaken.. Apollo Creed had children with his wife…. Where the fuck are they?!? Is Adonis really the only kid he had?! Or can we chalk this up to poor attention to continuity! Creating drama for the sake of drama is truly unnecessary in my book. But what do I know, I’m just the 800 lb gorilla in the room! (Yes.. I’m stealing that catch phrase.. Sue me! 😜😜) Im sure they could have accomplished the same emotional impact they reached if they had made Adonis, his kid with his wife. But I get where they were going with it. They could have made the “Villain” of the film more… They could have made me give a shit a little more. Much like they did with Apollo in the original. He wasn’t really the bad guy, But you get the idea. The love interest.. Fantastic actress. But the actual relationship.. They fought and made up so.. Unnaturally quick. If only real life relationships were that easy! The FINAL FIGHT.. Very well crafted.. But didn’t have the Epicness of the original Rocky/Apollo fight. It ends superbly.. There is a moment that gave me the most Awesomest of GooseBumps.. (You’ll know it when you see it) but before that happens, the fight is a little rushed..

OVERALL: Great film! Bryan Coogler is a master. (Can’t wait to see what he does with BLACK PANTHER! *nerdgasm*) The actors are fantastic! The story is very well written. A must see.. I’m rating this movie.. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 7/10 CHECK IT OUT! Can’t wait for part 2!


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