The Speculating Nerd Reviews: “THE SUICIDE SQUAD” TRAILER!!

YOO!!! What the fuck is up!! How’s everybody doing? Yea, Yea, Yea.. Sounds all fine and dandy, I don’t care!

We are gatherd here today to look at the, SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer! (I know I’m late.. Fuck off!) Now lets have a look..

That looked fucking awesome! A very well crafted trailer from begining to end.


Since the first glimpses of Suicide Squad first flooded the interwebs, and I had completley enjoyed the Animated Squad movie “ASSUALT ON ARKHAM”, this movie had been in my top most anticipated films. (At least one coming out of DC/WB) even more so, then BVS. Two trailers in and I’m sold! I can’t wait for this movie. Everyone looks awesome! Jared Leto.. Is going to do something, dare I say, speacial with the Joker!


Along with Leto’s JOKER, another, yet surprising, stand out in this trailer was.. Jai Courtney!


His Captain Boomerang, or just, Boomerang. Looks like he’s gonna be a lot of fun to watch. If that is true. One can hope he will be in the Flash stand alone film coming soon. Everyone else looks on point. I have no complaints! I am standing by my word though… SLIPKNOT is the one that’s gonna die!

Probably my only criticism I have of the Trailer itself.. Would have to be how much it was very similar to the “GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY” trailer. Only, of course, in style/craftsmanship. The use of popular old school music. The use of humor. The introduction of characters. Two, CLEARLY, different films. But marketed so far, rather similarly.


SUICIDE SQUAD is in fact, DC/WB’s Hail Mary toss as was GUARDIANS was for Marvel! A rather highly unknown property (outside of the fan base) Put on display to the worldwide movie going audiance. Will it succeed? That’s the question. It most likely will if they keep selling it like this! Will it be another Guardians? Who knows! Can lightning strike twice? It remains to be seen! I really hope it does!

Its time for DC/WB to get on the ball! They are starting their Cinematic Universe, 8 years behind Marvel. They have some catching up to do.. Can they do it with just two movies?… You can bet they damn well will try! I really.. REALLY hope they do!

That’s my review! Let me know what you think. Subscribe and comment!  Till next time… PEACE BITCHES!!!


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