The Speculating Nerd: Speculates on “DAREDEVIL” Season 2!


Speculating Nerd here, and I’m back to give you my.. “Thoughts” on the upcoming 2nd Season of “DAREDEVIL” on Netflix.


All of these views and “Speculations” are based solely on this here poster!

imageSTICK will return to further the mysterious storyline set in motion in the first season. Which would also most likely be the episode(s) that will introduce us to Elektra!


KINGPIN needs to be here! Or at least Vanessa has to be the one pulling the strings.



He’s gotta be ONE of these mystery people. My money is the guy with his back turned. I think that might be bullseye! He’s gonna be a big surprise character. (I’m referring to the guy under Gladiator)

And most importantly… We MIGHT get, THIS!!


Matt’s Mom, could be introduced this season! Why would I think this? Lets see.. If you look closely at the DD poster. Down in the bottom left hand corner..


We got the only NUN! In the entire picture. ‘Just an Easter egg?’ I don’t think so! Daredevil’s Mom is coming!  We can get that famous scene from “BORN AGAIN”

WELL… That’s all I got! Let me know what you people think.. See ya next time folks.. Peace!


One thought on “The Speculating Nerd: Speculates on “DAREDEVIL” Season 2!

  1. After all the critical success Daredevil Season 2 enjoyed when it released in March 2016, Marvel decided to bring it back for a third season, and we are certain that it will be released on Netflix soon just like the previous 2 seasons. Also, fans might witness the comeback of Elektra in Daredevil Season 3
    To know about Daredevil Season 3 Release Date just take a look and you get all the information you need.

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