The Speculating Nerd: Speculates on “THOR 3:RAGNOROK!”

WASABI, Nerds and Nerdettes! You know who it is.. So lets not waste any time and get right down to the Speculating!


“THOR: RAGNAROK!” The third and possibly final THOR Film in the franchise is near Pre-Production and is set to hit theaters sometime, Next year. That is unless they moved it around to make room for another film they may have added to the scheduale. Either way, It’s right around the corner.

Major news has dropped concerning the film in the last weeks or so. (Granted, I’m a little late in reporting on them. But I wanted ALL the facts before I dived in.) One is actual news and the other is more.. RUMOR, But both major news in their own right. Lets start with the Actual News.


is our Villainess “HELA” Queen of the underworld and ruler of Asgardian Hell (or HEL)


(I sooo hope she talks like GALADRIEL  when she’s calm, and then like..



Cate is a tremendous talent. She’s PERFECT for a character like HELA. When it was first rumored a few months back that she was talking with Marvel to appear in Thor. Everyone assumed she would be ENCHANTESS. But I always said, She’s gonna be HELA!

Now for the RUMOR!


So! It’s been rumored recently that a HUGE chunk of Plot Points for the film has been “leaked” online, according to Geek (something or other) dot com. Then a shit ton of other Geek-News sites jumped on the stories dick and swallowed it whole.. Right down to the ball sack.

I am slightly tempted to say, “Spoiler Warning: If you don’t want to know any of this bull shit, then click on another story..” But, FUCK THAT!! Their aint no SPOILERS!! We do not know if any of this shit is Actually TRUE! This is all.. Dare I say.. SPECULATION and RUMOR! And the story goes a little something like this..

Hela joins forces with Loki, in an attempt to bring about the downfall of Asgard/The Nine Realms. Aka: Ragnarok! Once THOR’s spidey sence starts to tingle.. HELA destroys Mjolnier and banishes Thor on some shit-back planet known as… Wait for it.. SA’KAAR! Whilst there, Thor is forced to become a Gladiator and fight for his freedom. (This is starting to sound somewhat familier?!) In the process, our Thunder-Buddy for life, must face off against the planets greatest warrior.. Wait for it.. HULK!! (?!)



Thats right folks.. We are getting our long awaited PLANET HULK movie.. In Thor 3?!?

Now.. As understandably cool as that may sound… It’s also FUCKING STUPID! (at least in my humble opinion) First of all, this is THOR:RAGNAROK! Not THOR:PLANET HULK! This is supposed to be about the END TIMES! The first half of the story makes total sense. HELA and Loki MUST team up. HELA destroying Mjolnier is pretty epic. The banishing part sounds really cool as well.. They lost me with the whole Gladiator and Hulk part.

I know there’s no way Marvel would be as stupid as to water down a pretty wonderful story such as PLANET HULK to squeeze into a Thor film. It doesn’t make sense! However, what does make sense is what could have happened to the Hulk. End of AGE OF ULTRON, it’s said that they “May” have found the crashed Quinn Jet he was on.. But they didn’t find Him! He could very well had been abducted by aliens or.. (Even Better) HELA herself could have captured the Hulk.

This is the part where I move away from the rumor mill.. And shimmy on over to Speculation-Ville.. I think I’ll call this part..


First: HELA should be the one to have captured Hulk and lure him to HEL so she could use him to bring about Ragnarok. Perhaps as a tool to destroy Thor and Asgard.. OR (bare with me) Use him to be the vessel for the spirit of SURTUR!


Perhaps, after being defeated by Odin and his brothers a Millenia ago. Surtur is nothing more then a spirit. The Hulk would be the perfect host for the bringer of Ragnarok.

Second: This is the perfect time to broaden the Thor-Universe. Introduce more characters.. Such as, but not limited to..

image image

image image

Bromhilda aka: Valkyrie, BETA RAY BILL! Executioner and The Enchantress and perhaps maybe even, Eric Masterson Aka: Thunderstrike! All great characters.. But I’m really praying for BETA RAY BILL! He NEEDS to be in the MCU.. Like right now!

Third: Bring Kenneth Braughna back to direct.. Dear god marvel, bring him back!!!


Fourth: THOR. Must. Die!!


Yes. I’m serious. THOR HAS TO DIE! I’ll tell you why. HELA has craved one thing in all her comic existence.. The soul of The Mighty Thor! She would go to great lengths to claim it. With the None Realms in great Peril.. Thor sacrifices himself to save the day! It doesn’t have to be a gruesome death.. But he has to die! (Perhaps paving the way for a new Thor?.. Just a thought!)


This also gives Thor the ultimate Hero Moment! Laying his life on the line for the greater good! This also kinda fits with another part of the Rumor I mentioned earlier. The report also states that HELA would be in fact THE representation of MISTRESS DEATH in the MCU. The same Mistress Death that THANOS lusts after. Which would then make for a very interesting moment in the upcoming INFINITY WAR. The Avengers confront Thanos and HELA, and she brings forth her “undead” slave Thor, forcing him to battle his former friends! (YES, PLEASE!) Furthermore.. If HELA is to be the MCU’s Mistress Death in the INFINITY WAR.. Then perhaps, LOKI should be the Mephisto of the story as well!?


Whispering in Thanos’s ear and playing adviser, whilst plotting his own nefarious scheme!

Fifth: Bring the Original Thor Score from the first movie.. A film like this need to have that Epic type of score. Unfortinutly, DARK WORLD did not have that same music score. It needs to come back for this one.. (Someone get Patrick Doyle on the Phone!?!)  If you need a reminder on how awesome that score was.. Take a moment and Listen to this..

WELL.. That’s all I got! Is there anything you folks would like to see happen in THOR 3? HIT ME UP FOR FUCKS SAKE! SUBSCRIBE TO THE BLOG!!

Until next time.. DUCES!!


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