Hey, Hey! Welcome back to another “Movie Review Blog” (sans- Speculating Nerd) and today’s movie is a true treasure!



My God! Where do I begin?!?

STORY: When Merc for hire Wade Wilson meets the woman of his dreams, Vanessa, his so called perfect life is thrown for a loop and is diagnosed with full blown cancer. Short on options, he enters a seedy government operation intent on finding a cure. Only to discover he’s been deceived and is being conditioned to be a super powered slave for sale. In the process, he’s given the Mutant Ability to heal from any wound. But is horribly disfigured in the process. After escaping, he sets out on a path of revenge!

Literally ripped out of the comics. To an extent of course. (Hollywood) But the film is wonderfully crafted. The writing is spot on, from the humor, to the dialogue, all the way to the Love Story. DEADPOOL’s fourth wall breaking was used perfectly and wisely. It wasn’t overused, or obnoxious! It never plays itself out.

However, as great as the film is, from start to finish. I feel like the film is too short. But! On the other hand, the length fits the type of story that’s being told. But it still leaves you wanting a little more.

CHARACTERS: Collosus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead-



Were fantastic delights! Every moment they were on screen was so much fun. They were used respectfully and wisely. Β They didn’t feel out of place or used just for gags. Although, Colosus had some very funny moments with his interactions with DP.

THE NEGATIVES: Not a whole lot but! It really does end leaving you wanting more! The movie could have been given an extra 20-30 minutes extra of running time. But one could assume that would also have to do with the budget. So, I can’t fault them for that. Colosus… Too goody-goody! As a fan and a long time reader I have witnessed Colosus’s character evolve over the years and he has become a rather no holds barred badass when the situation arrives. The film played heavy to his earlier character traits of yesteryear. I found myself saying, “Come on man! cut loose!”. Lastly… Not enough connections to the whole X- Universe! Understandable, the budget didnt call for a shit load of Xmen showing up, but more tie-ins would have been nice. A mention of the Weapon-X program. They could have dropped more hints of what could come next. The movie as a whole, felt very, Stand Alonish. As if to say, “we’re making the best movie we can. The way we want to. We feel honored to be given this oprotunity. But if shit don’t work out, we are not gonna befuddle whatever it is that Fox has in store for the X-Universe. This is Deadpool! We’ll leave what we can open for the future. But we are making a Deadpool Movie!” (At least that’s what I’m getting out of this movie.)

OVERALL: What a way to kick off, not only 2016, but the Comic Book movie Genre’s most ambitious decade, ever! Deadpool has, Heart, Laughs, Action, and pure Fun at every turn. I give DEADPOOL a score of 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 9/10! I can’t wait for more DEADPOOL!

Hope you folks enjoyed this review. Speculating Nerd will be handeling the SPOILER FILLED version. Stay tuned. Thank you for reading,

So, until next time folks.. Peace Out!



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