As I write these words, it is, Thursday March 24th. 1:22 pm. By this time tomorrow, Friday the 25th, I would have just witnessed history, in the form of “BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE”

Whether it’s good or bad history, remains to be seen.

This is something, fans have been dreaming of for.. Decades! Batman. Superman. Hell even Wonder Woman is in here! However…


I know what Hype feels like. I felt it for the release of Season 2 of DAREDEVIL..


I still feel it for “CAPTAIN AMERICA 3: CIVIL WAR” (especially after that last trailer..)


I’m feeling it for “XMEN:APOCALYPSE”


AND, after the recent release of this image,


I’m currently feeling the hype for “WONDER WOMAN”

This is BATMAN, and SUPERMAN! I should be over the moon with Hype right now… Yet..  I’m Not!, I’m not feeling it!

WHY?! I ask myself.. Why am I not feeling the hype! Me! The big Batman fan that I am! I love Superman. Wonder Woman is beyond one of my favorite heroines, in all of comics. What the serious fuck?!? Why am I not HYPED!

Why?.. Could it be Zack Snyder? He’s a truly visionary director. One that knows how to translate comic to screen. But that’s both a blessing and a curse in his case. His storytelling on the other hand, leaves much to be desired. His stuff drags. SUCKERPUNCH is prime example. Beautiful film! The visuals are something to behold. But that story drags at the worst times. WATCHMEN and 300, two of the most accurate comic to screen adaptations to date.. But again, you find things that don’t need to be there. It drags!


WHY?.. Is it because, I. Am. Not. A. Fan. Of. Ben Affleck.. I was not happy with the casting. However, I have been impressed with what they are showing me in regards to Batman himself. I like how they are making him move and kick ass.. But that’s just about it.


WHY?!.. Could it be because they spoiled the whole final act in the second Trailer… THE SECOND TRAILER!!


WHY?!.. Could it be because over the past few years, WB/DC films haven’t been.. Well… GOOD! Man of Steel and the first two Dark Knight Films aside, this is DC’s first expanded universe film. Unlike, Marvel Studios. DC hasn’t really proven themselves to deliver a hit after hit.


Perhaps it’s all those reasons. Are they fair reasons? I think so. Maybe!I don’t know.. I’m just not feeling it right now.. Lets see how it goes tomorrow. Be here for my Movie Review of “BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE” coming soon.

Until next time folks.. Peace Out!



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