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As you can no doubt tell from the title of today’s article. I want to discuss why I think “BATMAN:YEAR ONE” Should be a live action television series. But before I start, I’m sure many of you are probably saying, “Theres already a Batman tv show! It’s called ‘GOTHAM’ dickhead!”


As somewhat true that may be… Can it really be considered a “Batman Show” When it seems more like “The Bat-Vilains Show”! But,  in all honesty, I have not seen anything from Season 2! (I’m waiting for it to hit Netflix so I can binge it!) So take any type of criticism I have towards the show, with a grain of salt.

From What I Have seen from Sason Two, based off of social media. The show seems to be doing better. But all I see is Villain after Villain, making their debuts long before Batman is out of his teens! Which makes it seem like, Batman is beating on Bad guys that are 50 or 60 years old! Idk but isn’t that elderly abuse?! But I shall refrain from any further criticism of the show until I watch it for myself.

SO! Not too long ago, whilst My fellow Bat-Fan and Favorite podcaster/Director, Kevin Smith was on hiatus from his podcasts (He was filming an Episode of THE FLASH) I was in desperate need of my SMOD fix of Either “Smodcast”,  “Hollywood Babble-On” or “Fatman On Batman” since there were no new episodes.. I journeyed into the archives of my most favorite of the SMODCO podcast..

image image

And I listened to the GOLD! That was Episodes 51 and 52! In Which Kevin is joined by Batman Great- Paul Dini and, with the inspiration from the Batman:Arkham Origins trailer, The two legends concoct the greatest Batman tv series ever!! I highly recommend you folks give it a listen. You’ll literally hear what a Nerdgasm sounds like! As I was listening. I also remembered how much Kevin Smith loves and praises Greg Berlanti! The man behind such hits as

image image image image

Just to name a few. So, this got me to thinking.. Why not give Greg Berlanti a crack at giving us a Live Action. Honest to goodness. Batman Show!? And Why not make it.. “BATMAN: YEAR ONE”!?


For those of you who don’t know.. “BATMAN:YEAR ONE” was a four part miniseries written by the great Frank Miller chronicling the first year of Both Batman and Jim Gordon’s life in Gotham City. What was groundbreaking at the time this series was published. It was the first time the early life of Batman’s crime fighting career and back story was fully fleshed out in the comics. Before that, it was, Billionaire  Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered when he was a kid. He got old, dressed like a bat and called himself Batman and fought crime, the end. Miller decided to take that and flesh it out even more, and gave it its dark undertones and deep philosophical meanings that Most comic and movie writers are still using to this day.


This Book  is PRIME for a serialized  interpretation of the story. It literally starts on January 4th and like two pages later its February 20th.. Thats like a month and a half of story filler waiting to be filled! The start of the book is both men coming in to Gotham at the same time. Bruce is returning after spending time overseas. They could explain all that in flashbacks alla ‘Arrow-Ike’ flashbacks. His time with the League of Assassins and training all over the world in the skills he needs to give out justice! Gordon is coming in to Gotham from Chicago. A dark past he’s leaving behind. That can also be explored through flashbacks. The very popular thing now is to have a pre existing relationship between Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon. So they could rewrite it so that Gordon used to live in Gotham before leaving to Chicago and meeting his wife. Making for an interesting relationship between the two.


The parallels  that can be drawn between these two men could be the driving force of this show. How they defer in ideology, how they deal with certain situations and how they ultimately have to be against each other and then Work with each other.

They side characters, such as Detective Flass, Commissioner Loeb, Sahra Essen, Alfred, Falcone, Catwoman,  would make for great drama and must see TV! Providing of course the Cast they get. We don’t need a big name to be Batman, in order to sell us Batman! Look at Tom Welling.. A no name young actor tasked to give us a young Clark Kent before he becomes Superman! And for a whole generation.. He will always be their Superman. And he did one hell of a job! It shouldn’t be hard to find someone to be a young, 20 something Bruce Wayne!

Are they worried about the Costume? For fucks sake.. We’ve seen worse costumes on TV before! It shouldn’t be to difficult for them to pull this off.. If they can make costumes like The Flash, The Atom, Green Arrow and Firestorm, HELL I’ll even throw in Reverse Flash! If they can make those work.. A guy in a Cape and Cowl shouldn’t be to hard!

If I were CW/WB/DC I would give Greg Berlanti the go ahead on a Batman show and tell him to make it like “BATMAN:YEAR ONE”. If it gets picked up for more seasons.. Guess what? They can still use YEAR ONE! The story is so well structured in itself.. They could get two or three seasons worth of story telling out of just the first two issues!

This is probably note strongest argument for something to happen.. But it really is so simple.. It’s right there in front of them. And as an added bonus.. Season 5 or 6 could be THE LONG HALLOWEEN storyline! (Just saying.. It fits perfectly!)

Thats all I got for this post! Hope you folks like and/or agree/disagree. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the matter. WHAT DO YOU THINK? Could YEAR ONE and THE LONG HALLOWEEN be good groundwork for a Batman Television series?! PLEASE LET ME KNOW I. THE COMMENTS SECTION, OR HIT ME UP ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Please follow and or subscribe to the blog.. Thank You!

So, Until Next Time Folks… Peace Out!


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